Low airport parking prices

If your you are flying from Gatwick or Stansted, there are some particularly good advanced purchase offers for airport parking.

Gatwick Advanced Parking

Holiday Parking North Terminal from:

£3.32 per day

£34.00 for 8 days

£49.80 for 15 days

Holiday Parking is excellently located just four miles from the airport, and it takes just 12 minutes to transfer to the North terminal. Transfers operate half hourly during peak period, and on request at other times.

Parking Express South from:

£3.83 per day

£39.50 for 8 days

£57.40 for 15 days

Parking Express South is Gatwick's official on-airport car park for the South terminal. Transfer buses operate every 7-10 minutes, 24 hours a day, taking only 2 - 4 minutes to the South terminal.

NCP Flightpath from:

£3.83 per day

£39.50 for 8 days

£57.40 for 15 days

Gatwick's official on-airport parking for the North terminal. NCP Flightpath has been awarded the Park Mark for safer parking, and operates transfers 24 hours a day.

Courtlands from:

£3.63 per day

£28.60 for 8 days

£54.50 for 15 days

Courtlands is the closest off-airport car park to Gatwick. Transfers run 24 hours a day, taking 2 minutes to the South terminal and 10 minutes to the North terminal.

Maple Manor Meet and Greet from:

£4.40 per day

£42.00 for 8 days

£66 for 15 days

Maple Manor is officially the lowest priced meet and greet parking service at Gatwick. Have your car picked up at the terminal and delivered back to the terminal when you return from holiday - the height of convenience!

Gatwick Express Summer Special from:

£3.57 per day

£36.80 for 8 days

£53.60 for 15 days

Summer special is an on-airport car park situated close to the North terminal, but it only offers transfers to the South terminal. Transfers operate to the South terminal every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day, taking 4 - 5 minutes.

Stansted Advanced Parking

Long Stay from:

£3.50 per day

£36.00 for 8 days

£52.50 for 15 days

Long Stay is the official long-term on-airport car park at Stansted. Transfers operate every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day and take 10 - 15 minutes.

E Parking Midstay from:

£4.86 per day

£51.20 for 8 days

£72.90 for 15 days

E Parking is situated within the airport boundary and is ideal for short to medium stays. Transfers run every 5 - 20 minutes, 24 hours a day and take 4 - 5 minutes to get to the terminal.

These offers only apply for for a limited period for airport parking bookings that are made 28 days in advance of stay date. The prices quoted below are valid on 27th November 2006. Advanced booking prices are are subject to availability.

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Published by: Helen Gillilan

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