Terms & Conditions

We want to make your airport experience as simple as possible. That's why it's important to us that you understand what you're booking before you commit. We'll go through everything you need to know below, so there aren't any shocks or surprises. These terms and conditions are governed by English law and apply from when we provide you with a booking reference, either by phone or on the website. You and we both agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. When we talk about 'we', 'us', etc, we mean Airparks.

If you need to speak to us for any reason, you can contact us here. You can also call our award-winning contact centre on 0800 781 4084 from 08:00 to 21:00 on weekdays and 08:30 to 20:00 at the weekend.

For bookings at Airparks owned and operated car parks - Airparks Luton, Airparks Birmingham, ShortRun Luton and ShortRun Birmingham please click here

For bookings at car parks which are owned and operated by any other operator and / or hotel and lounge bookings please click here

Before you book

We do our best to give you as much information about our products as possible before you arrive. We've tried them ourselves and regularly update the information so it's as relevant as we can make it. Please take the time to read the product information so that you can ensure you book a product that suits your needs. Unfortunately, we sell so many great hotels and car parks that we can't always keep track of changes to how they run or what they offer. If you find anything that's not completely accurate in our information, please let us know as soon as possible.

The companies that provide the hotels, car parks and lounges we sell will have their own terms and conditions, which will also apply to you. We can get you a copy of these if you need one, just ask, but we'll try to make you aware of anything you need to know. Some hotels will charge a cancellation fee, which will be on that product where applicable.

We offer Mystery products and if you book one you'll be getting a great product at a lower price than you'd otherwise pay. We won't be able to tell you what hotel or car park that is until after you've booked and many Mystery products cannot be cancelled once they've been purchased. We'll do our best to tell you anything that might affect your decision to book any of our Mystery products, but if you book, you should do so on the understanding that the Mystery product may not be ideal for your needs and we cannot be responsible if the product is not suitable.


All prices include VAT and are constantly updated so we can give you the best offer available at the time. Since we provide some incredibly-low rates, the price we've offered you may go up or down if you come back to book later. Make sure you book the package you want when you see it, so we can guarantee you'll pay the price you've seen.


If you use a discount code when looking at our products, the discount will be noted on each package it applies to. If you want to take advantage of your discount, make sure you book a package that states your discount can be applied.

Before you go on holiday

We put together various little guides on what to do at the airport for all our customers and we send them out by email with your confirmation; read this thoroughly to confirm what you've booked is suitable for you and take it with you when you go on holiday. If you don't follow the instructions we give you, we may not be able to refund you any additional costs you're charged as a result.


Any parking is at your own risk and subject to the terms and conditions as set out by the owner of the car park. We ask that you don't keep any valuables in your car and you should be prepared to leave your keys with staff as this may be necessary. If you have a larger-than-average vehicle or a motorbike, please check with us that the car park can accommodate it without an additional charge by calling us on 0800 781 4084.

Confirmations by post

A copy of your confirmation can be sent by post; you can add this to your booking. This will cost £1.49. We'll post the confirmation by first-class post on the next working day after you booked. We'll still hold you to our terms if your paper confirmation is delivered late or not at all.

Changes and cancellations

You can cancel your Airparks parking, hotel, lounge, Fast Track, airport transfer or car hire booking for free up to the day before you travel (so, by 11:59pm that day) and receive a voucher to use for a future Airparks booking.

For Transfers and Car Hire, you can cancel for free up to 72 hours before you travel and receive a voucher to use for a future Airparks booking.

You can redeem that voucher against a future Airparks parking, hotel, lounge, airport transfer or car hire booking, any time in the 18 months from the time of cancellation (after which the voucher will expire). You don't have to spend all of your voucher at once either, partial payments are accepted. Any unused amount on your voucher will remain and can be used on other bookings - the same expiry date will remain.

If you require a cash refund your voucher can be transferred to cash, subject to terms and conditions and applicable fees. Please use this form, including your voucher reference.

Cancellation is only applicable to flexible bookings. Many of our special offers and reduced-rate products are non-flexible and therefore cannot be changed or cancelled. As such, we can't give you a refund for these products.

Sometimes we may have to make changes to your booking after you've made it. Should this happen, we'll notify you as soon as we're able. If the new arrangements are not suitable, we'll offer you a full refund. You can find a current copy of your booking here.

Events beyond our control

Very rarely, we may be forced to change or terminate your booking due to unforeseen major events known as force majeure. This means any major event which we or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid and that were beyond our reasonable control. For the avoidance of doubt events beyond our control include (but are not limited to), war or the threat of war, riots, civil unrest, terrorist threats or activity, industrial disputes, extreme weather, epidemics, natural and nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, government regulations and advice, airlines cancelling or changing schedules due to airports or airways being congested or closed (due to amongst other reasons, the regulatory environment).

Changes or termination of your contract due to events beyond our control are extremely unlikely. If, however, such major events do occur, we regret we will be unable to make any refund of payments for services not received. We cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance (or prompt performance) of our obligations under our contract with you is prevented or affected by events beyond our control. This is also the case if you suffer any damage, loss or expense of any nature as a result of the major event. We will of course do our best to offer you support as our valued customer where we can in these circumstances.

On the day

When you travel, take your booking confirmation and the credit or debit card you booked with. The confirmation will give you instructions on what to do on the day and let the hotel, car park or lounge know who you are. If you booked at a discounted rate for yourself as a travel agent, you will need to take a pay slip or proof of employment as confirmation that you are entitled to this. Make sure that you leave enough time to get to your departure gate as we can't help you if you miss your departure because you're running late.

If you have any problems on the day, please let the team at the hotel, car park or lounge know so they can help you. If you don't let them know, we may not be able to help you later on. If you're delayed in getting to a lounge, so can't be there for all the time you booked, we cannot offer you a refund.

If you're parking and you arrive prior to the day and time you booked for, or stay later than when you have arranged to leave, you may be charged for the extra parking at the car park's normal price. If you leave earlier than planned, we can't refund any of your money.

When you get home

We hope you had a great time, but if you had any problems at all with the services you've booked through us, please contact our Customer Experience team and we'll do our best to put things right.

You can email us at customerservices@airparks.co.uk or send a letter to: Airparks Customer Care Team, The Wave, Newingreen, Hythe, Kent CT21 4JF Please attach copies of any relevant receipts or documents you have.

After you get home, we'll send you an email to ask you how everything went. We might pass some of your details on to an independent company so they can process that information for us.


We know how important your privacy is online, so we take it seriously. To find out more about how we use your data, take a look at our privacy policy.

Late Return Cover

If for any reason you overstay in any airport car park (e.g. delayed or cancelled flights), you may be liable for an overstay charge. This is charged by the car park itself, based on their daily gate price, which the supplier will provide upon request.

An overstay charge may be incurred due to late arrival back at the car park, which excessively overruns your booked time of return.

However, by purchasing our late return cover, we will refund any overstay charges you've paid up to 24 hours, provided that the overstay is due to a valid reason and supported by sufficient evidence.

Evidence must include; Acceptable evidence of delay and cause e.g. copy/image of booked flight boarding pass or proof of purchase with a clear flight number evident. Valid evidence of overstay charge payment e.g. receipt. Valid overstay reasons include but are not limited to; Delayed flights Cancelled flights Airport hold-ups Other valid extenuating circumstances, which will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Events beyond our control exceptions

Unfortunately, this cover does not include overstays as a result of events beyond our control, and we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance of our obligations was impacted by such an event. For clarity this includes any event which we or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. These include (but are not limited to) war or threat of war, riots, civil unrest, terrorist threats or activity, industrial disputes, extreme weather, epidemics, natural and nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, government regulations and advice, airlines cancelling or changing schedules due to airports or airways being congested or closed (due to amongst other reasons, the regulatory environment).

Additional exceptions include any late returns as a result of illness/medical emergencies, bereavement, disinclination to travel or trip extensions. Also, any situation/circumstance where an overstay is a direct result of a lack of due care and attention, by you or any persons in your party, will not be covered. Such events include (but are not limited to), timekeeping and booking errors.

To make a refund request under the Late Return Cover

Please note Airparks must be notified of a valid refund request within 48 hours of the last day of your booking or the day of your return to the UK, whichever is the latter. Overstay Evidence related to claim must then be supplied within 3 days of Airparks being notified of the refund request.

Please send your flight details (e.g. copy of boarding pass or proof of purchase with a clear flight number evident) and proof of overstay payment (e.g receipt) to customerservices@airparks.co.uk.

Unless we say so in these terms, if you want to amend or cancel your booking due to an event of the type listed in the events beyond our control category, we do not have to refund any payment you have made to us under your late return cover.

Booking an Airparks or Airparks ShortRun car park

1. Cancellation policy

In addition to the general cancellation and amendments terms and conditions stated above; if you fail to meet the conditions detailed below, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and refuse to park your vehicle without any liability to you for any consequential loss or inconvenience. In these circumstances you will not be entitled to receive a refund.

1.1 You must ensure that your vehicle at both the commencement and for the entire duration of the parking period has a valid MOT certificate (if required by law) and that no dangerous or illegal substances are left inside the vehicle whilst it is in our care.

1.2 You must also ensure that any road tax is paid for the vehicle to cover the entire period of parking (if required by law).

1.3 You must check before you make a booking that we can accommodate your vehicle if it is anything other than a standard car, for example a motor caravan, van or other commercial vehicle. Please be aware that anything other than a standard car may incur additional booking costs.

2. What we're responsible for

2.1 We don't exclude or limit in any way our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors.

2.2 We'll operate our car parks with reasonable skill and care, taking care of your vehicle from the time you give us the keys. However, if for any reason we fail to do this, we are only responsible for any direct loss or damage you suffer as a result of either our or our employees' negligence. We can't be held responsible for the actions of third parties.

2.3 We'll accept responsibility for any damage to the paintwork or bodywork of your vehicle if you can prove that we caused it. At our Airparks Birmingham, Airparks Luton and ShortRun Luton car parks we take photos of all vehicles as part of our check in process to record the condition (including any pre-existing damage) on arrival. If we believe that any damage has been caused during the time the vehicle was in our care, you agree to us carrying out repairs to the vehicle using our recommended suppliers. Should you wish to have your vehicle repaired at a garage of your choice, we will only pay the amount that our recommended supplier would've charged to fix the damage and you will be responsible for any excess.

2.4 In circumstances where you'll need a hire car whilst yours is being repaired, we will arrange this for you using our approved suppliers. This may not be a like for like vehicle, although we will endeavour to meet any special requirements.

2.5 Theft, loss or damage which has occurred due to our proven negligence.

3. What we're not responsible for

3.1 Any loss or damage that is to be covered by your own insurance policies.

3.2 Any damage to your vehicle that was pre-existing at the time we photographed the condition of the vehicle on arrival (Airparks Birmingham, Airparks Luton and ShortRun Luton).

3.3 Loss or damage to your vehicle arising from mechanical or electrical failure (including, but not limited to batteries, key fobs, alarms and immobilisers), self-locking, pollution, terrorism, natural disaster, vandalism, criminal activity, acts of nature, damage to windscreens, damage to wheels and tyres (including punctures) and other matters which are deemed as being outside of our control.

3.4 Minor dents, scratches or chips to paintwork and other visual damage that can't be seen during our arrival vehicle inspection due to weather conditions and/ or if the outside of the vehicle is in a dirty state.

3.5 Any indirect losses as a result of damage or loss to the vehicle (for example, loss of earnings).

3.6 Any personal property that you leave unattended either inside your vehicle, at our car parks or on our shuttle buses.

3.7 Any deterioration in the condition of the vehicle while it is at the car park.

3.8 Any losses incurred (including, but not limited to missed flights) that were caused by you not allowing enough time to park and transfer to the airport.

3.9 Any losses incurred due to delays in us making the vehicle available for collection if you return earlier than planned and failed to tell us, or, for stolen or misplaced parking tickets.

3.10 Delays to advertised services as a result of circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to traffic congestion, road accidents, airport development works, flight delays, security alerts and severe weather conditions.

3.11 We ask that you don't leave anything valuable in your vehicle while you're parked with us. If you do decide to leave anything, please make sure that they can't be seen from the outside and you accept that they are left entirely at your own risk. We are not responsible for any theft from your vehicle.

3.12 Our ShortRun car park at Birmingham is a seasonal, self park car park which is open to the general public. While we have numerous security measures in place we can't guarantee that third parties won't cause damage to property or engage in criminal activity. You park at your own risk and we can't and don't guarantee the security of your vehicle or its contents while parked with us.

3.13 Our ShortRun car park at Birmingham is a seasonal, self park car park so please ensure that your vehicle is left securely locked, with all windows closed. If your vehicle is fitted with an alarm or immobiliser, you should make sure that this has been activated before boarding our shuttle bus. We can't be responsible for any losses resulting from your failure to secure your vehicle.

4. Your responsibilities

4.1 You must ensure that you comply with clause 1.1 and 1.2 for the duration of the time that your vehicle is parked with us. If you don't, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and refuse to check in your vehicle without any liability to you for consequential loss. In these circumstances we are unable to offer you a refund.

4.2 You must follow the specific instructions contained within your booking confirmation about the parking package you have booked.

4.3 You must leave us your key (Airparks Birmingham, Luton and ShortRun Luton) and let us know when you check in about any security features, disability driving aids or other modifications which may affect how your car is driven. If you don't tell us about any modifications when you check in, we can't be held responsible for any losses you may incur as a result. For our meet & greet services, you must hand your key to our driver. If you fail to do this your car may be stored at the airport and you will be responsible for the fees incurred.

4.4 You must follow the instructions of our staff and bus drivers at all times, they are responsible for everyone's safety. If you are rude or abusive towards our staff, we may refuse to accept your booking. In these cases we will not be held responsible for any losses incurred as a result.

4.5 If we discover that your vehicle fails to start when we attempt to move it to our departure bays, we will ask for your permission to use a battery booster pack to start your vehicle. If your vehicle still fails to start we will help you where we can contact your roadside assistance service. In this situation you will be responsible for any costs involved

4.6 If your vehicle has a critical issue and can't be started, you must arrange to have it removed from our car park within 24 hours after your booked parking period ends. After this time, we'll charge you our standard daily parking rates (which are available on request).

4.7 You must fully inspect your vehicle and report any damage to us before you leave the car park. For any damage you tell us about, we will inspect the vehicle with you, take photographs and complete a Customer Service Report. We can't consider any claims that are raised after your vehicle has left our car park premises or after our meet and greet driver has returned your keys and you've driven away. This is because we can't be sure when and how the damage occurred.

4.8 You must check the driver's seat and mirror positions before leaving our car park and taking your vehicle back onto the public highway. It is likely that these positions may have been altered to enable us to safely move your vehicle in and out of our parking areas.

4.9 Remove any house keys/ other keys / keyrings before handing your vehicle key to us. We can't be responsible for any damage caused to these items if you don't remove them.

4.10 Don't use any manual security devices when you leave your vehicle with us. If you choose to do so and they fail while you are away, we will need to do what we can to enable us to move your vehicle. Please be aware that if this results in damage to either your vehicle or security device we will not be responsible.

4.11 If you have booked an electric vehicle charge as part of your package please make sure that you leave the correct charging cable on the front passenger seat before you board the shuttle bus to the airport. Our staff will not look for the cable in any other places and this could result in your vehicle not being charged.

4.12 Ensure that any timed electric charger settings are removed to allow for a full charge to take place.

5. Picking up your vehicle

5.1 You will need the ticket we gave you at check in to reclaim your vehicle. If you lose the ticket, we will need to see proof of identity/ ownership before we will release the vehicle back to you and this may delay your departure from the car park.

5.2 We may refuse to return the vehicle to you if we believe that either you are not in a fit condition to drive, or if the vehicle is not in a legal or roadworthy condition.

5.3 If you plan to return earlier than your booked parking period, you must notify us in advance giving at least 6 hours notice which will enable us to make your vehicle available for collection. We can't give you a refund for any booked time that you end up not using.

5.4 If you do not collect your vehicle by the date agreed and if you have not contacted us then after three months we will consider it to have been abandoned and take steps to sell it. The proceeds of the sale will be used to cover our costs and any accrued parking charges.

5.5 As ShortRun Birmingham is a seasonal car park we may have your vehicle moved to another car park if it is still parked at the end of our parking season. Whilst proper care will be taken, we will not accept any liability for damage to the vehicle and the costs we have incurred will be added to your parking charges.

6. Security

6.1 CCTV cameras are installed in our car parks to assist in its proper running. We acknowledge that the cameras may act as a deterrent to criminal activity, but we don't make any representation as to the coverage provided or guarantee of the security of your vehicle.

7. Safety in the car park

7.1 Drive carefully and only on signposted/ marked roads following any directional signs and always stay within the 10 mph speed limit.

7.2 Only park within marked bays and always follow any directions given by our staff.

7.3 Car parks can be dangerous places. Once you have parked, you should go to the nearest signposted bus stop or reception. Please make sure you keep a close eye on your children and don't allow them to play in the car park or on our shuttle buses.

8. Moving the vehicle

8.1 From time to time we may need to move your vehicle from the car park where you dropped it off to another one of our secure sites close by. We will ensure that your vehicle is then returned to the car park you dropped it off at in time for your return. This will be a total maximum distance of 10 miles.

8.2 In the case of meet and greet parking, one of our insured drivers will move your vehicle from the airport drop off to one of our secure parking areas within the local area. This will be a maximum of 10 miles.

9. Transferring to/ from the airport

9.1 Do not board our shuttle bus unless the driver advises that it is safe to do so. We work hard to ensure that there is enough space for all returning passengers to board our buses, however there may be times when the bus is full. In these cases we will arrange for a second bus where possible but we won't be responsible for any delays/ losses incurred as a result.

9.2 Make sure that all luggage is safely stowed on the luggage racks provided. In the interests of safety, no luggage or personal belongings can be left in the aisles.

9.3 For health and safety reasons our shuttle bus drivers may not be able to help with the loading of heavy luggage. You should be able to lift any luggage that you bring onto our storage racks without assistance.

9.4 You should head directly to the bus stop we dropped you off at once you have exited the airport. Please be aware that multiple parking companies use the same bus stops, you must check that you are boarding the correct bus for the car park you have used.

9.5 Make sure that you have the ticket we gave you when you checked in ready to show our bus driver. We want to make sure that all our passengers are boarding the right bus to the right car park.

9.6 We run a regular, timetabled transfer service between all of our car parks and the airport. It is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive at the car park or drop off zone for meet and greet services to allow enough time for you to transfer to departures in time to check in for your flight.

10. Complaints

10.1 If you believe that your vehicle has been damaged whilst in our care, or you believe possessions are missing you must let us know immediately before you leave the car park. For theft issues, you should also report it to the police and your insurance company.

10.2 In the case of meet and greet, you must advise our drop off driver before you accept the vehicle back from us and drive away.

10.3 You must complete a Customer Service Report with a member of staff which we will give you a copy of. Once you return home, you should email us including your booking reference in the subject line to customerservices@airparks.co.uk. Our customer services team will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 10 days. We will then fully investigate the complaint and advise you of the outcome.

10.4 As part of our investigation process we may ask you to provide additional information, such as repair quotes in the case of damage. The quicker you can provide information to us, the quicker we can arrange for any repairs to be completed.

Promotional Terms and Conditions

For information about our promotional terms and conditions click here

When you get home

After you get back, we'll send you an email to ask you how everything went. We might pass some of your details on to an independent company so they can process that information for us.

Booking a third party provider's service

We sell a wide variety of parking, hotel and lounge options on our website other than our own Airparks car parks. By third party provider we mean a car park or service that is owned and/ or operated by an operator other than Airparks - for example; APH, Official on airport etc. and any hotel or lounge. Therefore, your booking will be subject to their own Terms and Conditions. We can get a copy of these if you'd like one, just ask.

1. Cancellation policy

Only flex products booked through our website can be cancelled. If you need to cancel, you can do so any time up until a minute to midnight the day before your booking was due to start.

1.1 If you cancel after the times stated above or fail to turn up for your booking, we will charge you the full fee for the entire booked parking period.

1.2 If you cancel in time, you will be refunded what you've paid, less our cancellation fee (where applicable), which is normally £10.50 for a lounge or a parking booking unless you added a cancellation waiver. The cost is higher for certain packages, but we will inform you of this before you book.

1.3 We can only refund you the full cost of your package if you added our cancellation waiver at the time you booked. The cost of the waiver will not be refunded as part of your cancellation.

2. Bookings

Airparks Services Ltd acts as the booking agent only for these products, and as such cannot accept any liability for issues unless caused by our failure to correctly process the booking.

3. Parking

Any parking is at your own risk and subject to the owner of the car park's terms and conditions, so we ask that you don't keep any valuables in your car. You should be prepared to leave your keys with staff as this may be necessary. Copies of third party terms and conditions are available on request.

4. Customer Service

In the event that you'd like to make a claim for loss or damage to your vehicle or you are unhappy with the quality of the service you've received you should let us know at customerservices@airparks.co.uk and we will arrange getting in touch with service provider for you.

Alternatively, you can write to us at:

Airparks Customer Care Team

The Wave




CT21 4JF

If you'd like to speak to us about anything else you can give us a call on 0800 781 4084. We need to let you know that telephone calls may be monitored or recorded to make sure we're delivering the level of service you expect from us.