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Which? highlights 'rip-off airport parking prices'

Airparks is proud to be an exception

airport parking rip-off prices

A new Which? Car report has featured the extortionate airport parking prices that some customers are facing this summer. With prices reaching in excess of £160 for one week's parking, it's no wonder that more and more people are shopping around for that best deal.

Being one of those things that many leave until the last minute, it's the customers who don't plan ahead that are getting hit hardest. What many people don't realise is that pre-booking can remove the added hassle of an overseas trip, but more importantly, it can also leave you with up to an extra £100 in your pocket.

With so many customers being exploited at the car park gates, Airparks is proud to be one of the companies not ripping-off travellers. You'll find daily prices starting from just £2.99, along with a confident Best Price Guarantee. And what's more, there's no hidden booking charges or extra costs. During the recent volcano chaos, Airparks also waived all extra days' parking charges at their own sites for any customers who were stranded and unable to collect their cars.

Howard Dove, Chief Executive of Airparks said: "Airparks car parks offer exceptional value all year round for customers who book in advance. We are just minutes away from the airports but miles cheaper than the onsite alternatives. At London Gatwick an eight day stay costs £38.99 in comparison with £47.00 for the on-site alternative.

"During the recent volcano ash crisis we waived any extra costs for our customers who arrived back to the UK late, through no fault of their own - this was more than just a gesture on our part, it speaks volumes for the commitment that Airparks have to customer service."

Published by Ross Barnard on May 14, 2010