Gatwick Airport Fast Track

Make the start of your holiday a lot less stressful with our Fast Track passes from only £5* per person!

Let's be honest, the security screening area at Gatwick Airport isn't fun. For as little as £5* per person, you can hop into a dedicated priority queue that will see you in the departure lounge much quicker than if you were to stand and wait in the often long queues at security. Our Gatwick Fast Track passes are a great way of relieving any unwanted pre-holiday stress.

Gatwick also has a Premium Passport Control queue which means when you land back from your trip, tired after travelling, you can hop into a Fast Track quick at the Passport Control area and won't have all of the hnaging around. These are particulary helpful if you don't have luggage to collect.

We've joined forces with Holiday Extras to bring you these fab, VIP Fast Track passes. The dedicated Fast Track queue will see you and your fellow passengers skip past the regular queues, saving you valuable time at the airport.

Holiday Extras' ethos of 'hassle-free travel' means that booking is easy! Simply head over to Holiday Extras Gatwick Airport Fast Track, and they will take care of your booking!

Holiday Extras Fast Track
  • ✔ Save up to a whopping 20%
  • ✔ Bypass the busy Gatwick security queues
  • ✔ Prices from as little as £5*

Airport Fast Track passes are available to everybody. They are particularly helpful for families travelling with young children and elderly passengers. They are also recommended for business travellers or those that may be short on time.

Security Fast Track Passes:

Below is a list of all the UK airports where Holiday Extras' Fast Track passes are available.

Location Price from (per person)* Times Available
Bristol Airport £6.00 3am - 7pm
Bournemouth Airport £3.50 Available all day
East Midlands Airport £5.00 5am-7pm
Edinburgh Airport £6.00 From 3.30am
Gatwick Airport £5.00 6am-Midnight
Leeds Bradford Airport £5.00 Available all day
Liverpool Airport £4.00 4am-Midnight*
Manchester Airport £6.00 2.30am-11pm
Newcastle Airport £6.00 Available all day
Stansted Airport £7.00 4am-8pm

Booking Your Gatwick Fast Track Pass

It's easy to book your Gatwick Fast Track pass. Head over to Holiday Extras Airport Fast Track, to check availability all they need to know are your travel dates and how many people are traveling. From there it's a very simple booking process.

*All of our prices are accurate at the time of writing but are subject to change.

Gatwick Airport Security Fast Track FAQs

Can you still get Fast Track at Gatwick airport?

Yes. Gatwick airport has a dedicated express lane at the security area and Passport Control area of the airport. The Fast Track lanes are there to help speed up the arrival process at Gatwick by allowing passengers to bypass the often long queues. The Fast Track passes cost as little as £5 per person. Everybody in your party will need a pass, including children.

What are the opening hours of Gatwick Fast Track?

The Security Fast Track lane at Gatwick Airport is open from 05.00 to 17.00 and the Passport Control Fast Track is open from m 06.00 to 24.00. They are available in in both the North and South terminals.

Is it worth paying for Fast Track security at Gatwick airport?

Yes. It's no secret that Gatwick Airport can be a busy place, especially in the security screening and Passport Control area. Fast Track passes allow you to enter an express queue, therefore avoiding the often long wait times. If you'd like to relieve some of the stress of the busy airport, then a Fast Track pass at Gatwick is definitely worth it.

How does Gatwick airport security Fast Track work?

Gatwick Airport Fast Track passes give you access to a separate, express lane at the security area of the airport. Simply show them your pre-booked pass as you enter the Fast Track lane and make your way to the security checks. The screening is exactly the same, you just aren't held up in a queue for so long.

How much are Gatwick Airport Fast Track passes?

When you book in advance with Holiday Extras, Gatwick Fast Track passes are as little as £5 per person. They cost up to 20% more when you book on the day.