Best Time To Book Flights To The USA

Cheapest Flights to the USA

Still on your search for cheap flights to America? Whether you're heading off on a once in a lifetime trip to New York or for some fun in Florida, we've got all the information you need to know to ensure you get the best deals on flights to the USA!

Book In Advance For The Cheapest USA Flights

The best time to book your flights is between two and four months ahead of your intended departure date. Booking within this timeframe can see you make savings of up to nearly 20%!

Flying from London to New York

Month Cost
November 16% cheaper
January 16% cheaper
February 15% cheaper
July 38% more expensive
August 10% more expensive

*Figures correct at the time of writing, but are subject to change and/or fluctuations.

Flying from London to Orlando

Month Cost
June 12% cheaper
November 12% cheaper
May 12% cheaper
July 34% more expensive
August 11% more expensive

*Figures correct at the time of writing, but are subject to change and/or fluctuations.

Fly On A Weekday

Make sure to book your flight on a weekday, as these generally are the cheapest days to travel on. If you can be flexible, avoid going on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays where you can. The best departure and return days tend to be between Tuesday and Thursday. To make your money go further, book outside of the school holidays at off peak hours.

Book Accommodation In Advance

Similar to flights, you can make fantastic savings when booking your hotel in advance. Pre booking one to two months ahead is the optimum time for the likes of New York and Orlando.

Discount Airport Parking

Airport Parking Airport Hotels with Parking

Start your USA holiday right! Here at Airparks, we have some fantastic airport parking deals, helping you take the hassle out of travel. Did you know that you can book your airport parking for just £2.99 a day at over 20 of the top UK airports?

By booking your Airport Parking in advance with Airparks, you can save up to 60%!

Best Time To Fly In 2018

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