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Before Boarding at Norwich Airport

Before you start your journey from Norwich Airport, there are several steps to take to prepare for your trip as best as you can. Early planning will make your holiday start more relaxed. There are documents to get ready and things to pack, but don't forget to book your Norwich Airport parking either.

Parking at Norwich Airport

If you are arriving at Norwich Airport by car, the first step will be to find a parking space. Norwich Drop and Go car park is a convenient and hassle-free parking service that you could use. Just drive to the airport terminal, where a chauffeur will park your car for you, leaving you more time to continue with the airport pre-boarding procedures. The Norwich Drop and Go Undercover Parking service is similarly convenient, secure, and affordable.

Transferring to the Airport

With the Norwich Drop and Go service offered by Airparks, there is no need for a complicated bus transfer to the airport. You are met at the airport terminal by a driver who will park for you. Simply drop your car off and continue into the airport.

Checking In

After finding your airline desk in the terminal building, you can check in your bags and pick up your flight tickets. Before checking in any bags, you should remember to transfer any liquids from your hand luggage to the luggage you are checking in.

Passing Security

Once your bags are checked in, you can proceed through airport security. You and your hand luggage will be scanned, and your passport and ticket will be checked.

Finding the Gate and Boarding

After coming through security, you will be in the departures lounge. All that will be left to do will be to find your departure gate. Your departure gate will be visible on screens located in the departure lounge. If you cannot find your gate, members of staff will help you find it. At the gate you can board the plane.