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Top Teesside International airport hotels with parking

Booking a hotel with parking at Teesside International airport is a great way to avoid those early morning starts and airport parking charges. In fact, you can often save money by doing so! Find our best deals on Teesside Airport hotels with parking by entering your travel dates at the top of the page and pre-booking your stay with Airparks.

We work hard at Airparks to ensure that we are bringing you the best hotels, not just for comfort, but also for value and convenience. That's why we recommend the St George Hotel at Teesside International airport.

St George Hotel at Teesside International airport

St George Hotel Teesside Airport
Distance to airport Free transfer Free WiFi Free breakfast On-site restaurant
140 metres (?)

The St George Hotel is a lovely 3-star hotel with an outstanding location close to Teesside International airport. Here you can put your feet up and completely unwind knowing that when it's time to head to the airport it's just a brief stroll away.

One of the best things about the airport is that despite its proximity to the airport, you can relax on the pleasant garden terrace and you won't be any the wiser.


The rooms at the St George Hotel are comfortable and well-appointed, offering everything you need to relax before your onward travel. Put your feet up in these clean and spacious rooms before you settle down in the cosy beds and drift off to sleep.

You'll benefit from free WiFi throughout the building and the hotel provides a large desk in your room if you have any last minute work to catch up on. If you are just looking to relax there is also a HD TV in every room with a range of freeview channels.

Restaurant and Bar

Breakfast served:

  • Daily: 07:00AM - 09:30AM

Head down to the St George's Restaurant and Bar area for a hearty breakfast which will give you the best start to your day.

If you have an early flight a continental breakfast can be served in your room at anytime.

The restaurant serves delicious food throughout the day so whenever you get hungry there'll be something available. The menu offers a range of appetizing favourites such as steaks, pizzas and battered cod.

Parking and transfers

Parking is on-site at the St George Hotel, simply park your car and head to the reception, when you return your car will be right where you left it.

There's no need to worry about transfers, Teesside Airport is a 2 minute walk from the St George Hotel.

Check availability by entering your travel dates at the top of the page. When you're ready to arrange your Teesside International airport hotel with parking you can do so in one easy booking.


For any additional information or if you have any specific queries please contact the St George Hotel on 01325 332631.

Hotel check-in/out details

  • Check-in from 12:30PM
  • Check out by 14:00PM

A quick summary of the St George at Teesside Airport

The St George Hotel is a delightful hotel near Teesside Airport offering free WiFi, comfortable, spacious rooms and delicious dining.

Pros Cons
Only 140 metres from the airport Breakfast not included
Free WiFi
Delicious on-site dining available all day
Continental breakfast can be served in-room at anytime

All information is correct at the time of writing. For the latest information please check with the hotel.

Airport Hotels Reviews

Airport Hotels is rated, on average, 8.4/10 by 2970 Airparks customers.


Quite shabby service really. Struggled to find parking space on arrival. When we returned from holiday, were quite rudely told that our car was, and I quote "somewhere on the car park round the back" which then took us an age to find. no help, or indication of where it might be parked given. When we eventually found it , almost every setting within the vehicle had been altered. Aside from the seats and mirrors, which we obviously would have expected to be changed, but even the radio station was different!!
Mr Garratt Sun 25th Sept 2022

(4 out of 10)

Britannia Airport Hotel

Absolutely wonderful
Mrs Armour Sun 25th Sept 2022

(10 out of 10)

Holiday Inn Express with breakfast

Ideal parking, close to hotel; shuttle bus direct to airport entrance. Shuttle bus cost should be part of the overall cost. Hotel menu is basic but adequate. Staff were excellent, as always; comfortable room.
Mr Mcfarlane Mon 26th Sept 2022

(10 out of 10)

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