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Southampton Airport by Road vs Rail, Coach or Taxi

With your holiday organised, and everyone’s bags packed, the final thing you need to decide is how to get to the airport. Southampton Airport can be reached by several means of transport, including rail, coach and taxi – although perhaps you’d prefer to take your own car? You might imagine that parking your car at the airport would cost a lot, but by using Airpark’s choice of Southampton Airport Parking you could pay as little as £6.38 each day to store your vehicle safely while you’re away. Stoneham Park Off Airport Parking is particularly cost effective option.

Taking your own car is certainly the easiest thing to do if you have kids, lots of luggage, or simply want the freedom to set off at your own pace. Here are the other options if you still aren’t sure.


Southampton Airport station is just a short walk from the airport terminal, so it can be a convenient choice. However, in order to get to the station, you will first need to travel to Southampton Central station. Depending on where you are coming from, this may require you to take extra taxis or buses. And even a short walk may feel like a long time if you’re burdened with heavy luggage. Is it really worth the extra hassle?


The Uni-link U1C bus runs between the airport, Southampton University, the city centre and the eastern docks. It operates every 15 minutes during the week, and every 20 minutes at weekends and on public holidays. During peak holiday times it may be busy though. What’s more, on the way back from holiday, when you are tired or jetlagged, waiting for the coach may not be too appealing.


A 24-hour taxi service operates from Southampton Airport, and next to using your own car, this may be one of the easiest options. If you don’t live near to the airport, however, taking a taxi may mount up to even more than you would pay by taking your own vehicle. Taking your own car also lets you come and go at your own convenience – there is no rushing to pack luggage into the taxi the moment it arrives.