New Security Measures in Place at Heathrow Airport

New security measures are set to be put into action at the beginning of next week at Heathrow airport.

BAA, the corporation who operate Heathrow airport, have just announced plans to increase airport security in time for the Half Term holidays. Heathrow has warned passengers of delays that may be caused by the extra security measures and ask you to be patient as the measures are in place for your safety.

Airparks have come up with a few ideas that may help to ease the stress of delays. Think about booking an airport hotel the night before you fly - that way you will be fully rested and therefore less hassled by the delays. Our airport hotels offer great value for money and a comfortable nights sleep.

Alternatively why not try an airport lounge, you can relax for up to three hours prior to your flight. Airport lounges are comfortable, all drinks and snacks are included (excluding champagne) and they cost from £14.50 per person!

There are a number of time saving procedures that you can carry out to ensure the smallest of delays;
  • Check in as much luggage as you can (baring in mind weight allowance) - airlines will be strictly enforcing hand luggage policies and security
  • Remove all sharp objects from your luggage - scissors, nail clippers etc
  • On approaching the security check, remove your coat and empty your pockets (mobile phones, keys, change), remove laptops from their cases and take off belts as security may ask you too
  • Ensure you leave enough time before check-in to complete security checks and check in luggage
  • Be vigilant when it comes to unattended luggage - alert staff, and keep your own luggage with you at all times
  • If you are a smoker - be aware that lighters are not permitted on board the flight
For further information regarding Heathrow airport security, please refer to your travel agent or advisor.

Published by: Barry Holloway
Published on: 10 February 2006

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