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Liverpool Car Park Security

Knowing that your car is parked in a safe, secure parking facility and is being looked after by trusted professionals for the duration of your trip is a must when flying out from the airport. For peace of mind, it pays to leave your vehicle in the hands of a well-respected and long-established parking provider. Airparks is one of the largest airport parking operators in the UK, and is in fact the largest provider for off-airport car parking in the country, as well as providing numerous high-quality car parks at airports across Britain. With a range of effective security features in place at all of our car parks, the safety of your vehicle is guaranteed. Some of the security features that come as standard at Liverpool airport parking include:

  • Secure Gates
  • Flood-Lit Parking Bays
  • Regular Security Patrols
  • High Security Fencing
  • CCTV

Off-Airport Parking

The benefits of off-airport parking mainly the lie in the low-cost; off-airport parking provides the cheapest parking option when parking at the airport. This does not mean that the security is any worse than at our on-airport car parks, however. Airparks are proud to offer consistently high-quality parking at all our sites, regardless of whether they are on-airport or off-airport. So you can travel with peace of mind that your car is safe when you leave it in an Airparks off-airport car park. Airparks’ fully-secure off-airport parking option at Liverpool Airport is:

This car park is manned 24 hours a day and has electronic shutters, a crash barrier, regular security patrols and CCTV amongst other security features.

On-Airport Parking

On-Airport parking is slightly more expensive than off-airport parking, but has the benefit of being closer to the airport terminals and providing an additional feeling of security, as it is located on site. On-Airport parking options at Liverpool Airport include:

The Multi-Storey Airport Parking Liverpool has the additional bonus of indoor parking, which some customers may find adds a sense of additional security.

Reassuringly Secure Parking Facilities

All our car parks have high-security features such as fencing, regular patrols and CCTV in order to keep your vehicle safe and sound. Parking your car in an Airparks car park means complete peace of mind and top-level security for your vehicle.