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Leeds Bradford Airport Road vs Rail, Coach or Taxi

Your flight is booked, you’re ready to go. Now what’s the best way to get to Leeds Airport? There are of course many options, but what if you have the whole family in tow, or you’re loaded down with bags? Well how about this for an idea - take your own car? Pre-book a long term stay at Leeds Bradford Long Stay - On airport car park and pay just £39.49 for 8 days. It’s the ultimate door to door service and you’re at the wheel.

Leeds Airport is easily accessible from the north and south of England via the M1.

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The nearest train station to Leeds Airport is Leeds City. There are regular bus services between the central rail station and Leeds Airport, but again, if you’re travelling with young children or loaded down with bags, the transfers from train to bus can be stressful and inconvenient. Of course you may also be travelling to Leeds Airport from another part of England, which means you’re in for yet another platform shuffle at Leeds Central.


National Express operate frequent coach services to Leeds City from all over the UK and from there you can take a bus or taxi to Leeds Airport. Again, this involves a lot of hopping on and hopping off and that’s just the start of the journey. Don’t forget that you have to do the same journey in reverse when heading home. What seemed like a small inconvenience when you were flying out becomes a huge headache when you’re jetlagged, tired or just anxious to get home.


There are over 200 taxi companies in the region and many offer good fares to Leeds Airport. In terms of convenience, this is probably the next best thing to taking your own car. But when the taxi arrives at the door, you must be ready to go. Taking your own car means you can load in the likes of heavy bags or push chairs hours before you need to go. It’s also a mobile storage unit. If you decide at the last minute not to take something on the flight, you can just leave it safe and secure in the boot.