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Heathrow On-Airport Car Parks

On-airport parking at Heathrow is the ideal option for a hassle-free start to your holiday or business trip. There are several Heathrow Airport car parks located within the airport gates and close to the terminal buildings, meaning you can avoid longer transfer times and reduce the stress of travelling at the start and end of your trip. While on-airport parking is more expensive than off-airport parking, it can provide the perfect solution for those looking to reduce travel time or customers travelling with bulky luggage or young children.

On-airport parking options at Heathrow Airport

If you have decided to opt for the convenience of on-airport parking at Heathrow Airport then it’s important choose the right car park to suit your requirements. Heathrow provides on-airport car parks for long and short-stay parking and operates separate car parks for the different terminals ensuring that transfers to the terminal buildings are as efficient as possible. When booking your on-airport parking with Airparks you can benefit from the full range of options listed below:

The following information should help you decide which on-airport car park is best suited to you.

Heathrow Airport Park 1 - Terminal 1

Heathrow Airport Park 1 is perfectly positioned for customers flying from terminal 1 with regular transfers to the terminal building running 24 hours a day and taking just 3 minutes. On arrival simply park in the zone indicated on your ticket at the car park entrance and jump on the transfer bus at the nearest bus stop. Upon return let the bus driver know which zone you are parked in and you will be dropped at the nearest bus stop to your vehicle.

Heathrow Airport Long Stay Parking – Terminals 1 and 3

This long stay car park serves terminals 1 and 3 with transfers by shuttle-bus running 24 hours a day with a transfer time of approximately 7-15 minutes. Transfers operate 24 hours a day throughout the year. However, if you are arriving or returning during off-peak times (23:30 – 05:00) simply request a pick up using the intercom points at the bus stops.

Heathrow Airport Long Stay Parking - Terminal 5

The terminal 5 long stay on-airport car park at Heathrow is a designated car park for customers flying from terminal 5. This new car park provides an efficient transfer service to the terminal 5 building of just 10 minutes with regular pick-ups approximately every 10 minutes.

Heathrow Business Parking – Terminals 1 and 3

The business parking car parks at Heathrow Airport are ideal for those wishing to travel efficiently and make the most of the convenience of on-airport parking. This car park serves terminals 1 and 3 with a short transfer time of 4-8 minutes and a high frequency transfer service running every 3-7 minutes. Customers looking for short-stay parking can receive great deals on weekend on-airport parking when booking this car park through Airparks.

Heathrow Business Parking – Terminal 4

This car park serves terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport with a very short transfer time of 3 minutes and high frequency transfer service running every 1-2 minutes. This car park offers one of the most efficient parking options at Heathrow Airport for customers flying from terminal 4.

Heathrow Business Parking – Terminal 5

As well as the designated long stay car park terminal 5 operates its own business parking car park providing efficient transfers to the new terminal. Transfers take approximately 4-8 minutes and the service runs every 8-10 minutes. The car park operates an automatic number plate recognition system so be sure to enter your number plate correctly when booking online.

Convenience and Security with On-Airport Parking at Heathrow Airport

As well as benefitting from the convenience of on-airport parking you can also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your car is parked safely and securely for the duration of your trip when using the on-airport car parks at Heathrow Airport. All the car parks are protected with security features such as 24 hour CCTV, security fences and regular patrolling. What’s more, you are guaranteed to find good deals when pre-booking Heathrow Airport on-airport parking online through Airparks with our Best Price Guarantee.