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Valeting at Gatwick

For an additional cost you can make the most of whilst using valeting services at Airparks Gatwick. Save time and add one of the varied car washes to your Gatwick Airport Parking offered by valeting services at Gatwick Airport, and come back to find your vehicle as good as new.

  • A clean car on your return
  • Fully-insured professional service
  • Saves you time and effort

Save Time and Effort

Choosing to use the valeting/car wash service whilst you are away can save you both time and effort, and with professional companies on hand, you'll be sure of a first-class job. There are a number of different levels of car wash available from the valeting services at Gatwick Airport, which range in price. Features offered vary from the basic exterior car wash, to additional extras such as boot cleaning and wax polishing. All provide a special touch ensuring your vehicle is fresh and clean on your return, and an extra bonus that can really make a difference after a long tiring journey.

A Range of Services and Prices

Standard valeting services do vary by company, but generally include hand-washing, hand-drying, interior vacuuming, dashboard and vinyl cleaning and exterior window cleaning. Premium services offer more thorough cleaning, and may include a wax rinse, wheel cleaning, full interior vacuuming including the floors, seats and boot, leather and vinyl cleaning, windows cleaned inside and out, a full wax polish, tyre dressing, paper mats and air freshener to eliminate odours. Car washing is generally done by hand and carried out on the day of your return, making it as clean and fresh as possible for you on your return.

Silver Valeting

Have the exterior of your car washed and waxed with Turtle wax, the interior vacuumed, cleaned dashboard and windows and get your tyres dressed for just £24.99.

Gold Valeting

For £49.99, Airparks will do all of the above, and will also clean the mats and plastic too.