Frequently Asked Questions

What is your telephone number? How can I contact you?
Contact Details For Airparks Services to answer any queries you may have...

How can I find the car park the Hotel uses?
The hotel will provide directions to the car park it uses when you check in...

If I only require 4 days parking at the hotel, do I still need to book an 8 day package?
The minimum parking duration at our hotels is 8 days - you can of course park for less than 8 days but the charge will be for 8.

Can I park before my stay?
The majority of our hotels allow this. Once you have booked, can you please e-mail us, so we may advise the Hotel for you.

How do I amend my parking booking?
There are several ways to amend your booking with Airparks...

Is there an amendment charge made if I need to change any details on a booking?
No we do not charge an amendment fee. Please note that if there is a difference in price we will either refund or debit your card for the new amount.

What do I do if my flight is delayed and I go over my pre-booked parking period?
You can pay for any additional parking time on your return.

What do I if I exceed the 8/15 day parking package?
You can pay the additional days locally at the hotel/car park, on your return.

How do I view my booking?
You can view your booking online...

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