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Fair Oak House at Exeter Airport

Directions to Fair Oak House at Exeter Airport

For a relaxing and friendly stay, you can do no better than the Fair Oak House B&B. This Exeter Airport hotel is a stone's throw from the terminal giving you unparalleled convenience before, and after, your flight.

Fair Oak House at Exeter Airport

This homely feeling, B&B style hotel, provides clean and comfortable rooms where you can enjoy a relaxing night's sleep. Knowing that you don't need to worry about transfers means you can really unwind and enjoy the start of your holiday as much as you will the rest of it.

Rooms at Fair Oak House at Exeter Airport

The spacious and immaculate rooms at the Fair Oak House are designed for comfort. The luxurious beds and ceiling to floor curtains are just a few of the touches that will really make this a special treat for you. With the gilt-edged mirrors and traditional, old-fashioned, room keys you'll really get away from that "chain hotel" feeling during your stay at this unique Exeter Airport hotel.

Breakfast at Fair Oak House at Exeter Airport

Continue treating yourself by ordering a continental breakfast in bed and enjoy the sense of luxury. This will cost £9 per person and will go a long way to making you feel like an honoured guest at this friendly Exeter Airport Hotel.

If you don't have time for breakfast in bed, the continental breakfast can be packed up and taken with you. No need to miss out on the most important meal of the day.

Dinner at Fair Oak House at Exeter Airport

It should be mentioned that there are no on-site dining facilities at the Fair Oak House. If you are looking for lunch or an evening meal you can pop over to Exeter Airport and enjoy a snack at their Café. If you are looking for something a bit more substantial, there are a variety of restaurants and gastro-pubs just a short drive away.

Parking and transfer at Fair Oak House at Exeter Airport

When you arrive at Fair Oak House you'll be met by a member of the Fly Parks team who will take your car keys and park you car for you. When you return from your trip your car will be waiting for you outside the hotel, ready for you to jump in and head home. You don't have to spend any time hunting for a parking space or trying to remember where you parked.

The real beauty of the Fair Oak House is how close it is to Exeter Airport. A 3 minute walk will take you from the hotel to Exeter Airport; no need to worry about catching transfer shuttles or booking taxis, just grab your luggage and cross the road.

To check availability and for information enter your travel dates at the top of the page. When you are ready to confirm your Exeter Airport hotel you can do so in one simple booking.


All rooms are on the upper floor with no lift access, due to this the Fair Oak House may be not be a suitable choice for travellers with mobility issues.

If you require any more information or would like to discuss any specific needs please contact the hotel on 01392 369580.

Hotel check-in/out details

  • Check-in from 14:00PM
  • Check-out by 11:00AM

A quick summary of the Fair Oak House at Exeter Airport

A quaint and homely B&B perfectly situated near Exeter Airport. The Fair Oak House offers you convenience for a pre, or post, flight stay.

Pros Cons
No need to transfer, Exeter Airport is just over the road Continental breakfast costs £9.00 per person
Free WiFi No restaurant in the hotel
Secure, valet parking

All information is correct at the time of writing. For the latest information please check with the hotel.