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Book airport hotels from as little as £37 per night*

*Prices vary depending on location, time of year, and when you book.

Cheap Airport Hotels

Book a stay at one of our cheap Airport Hotels starting from £35 per night*. These hotels can be a great way of saving time and avoiding hassle on the way to the airport, especially if it means you can avoid a long drive before your flight!

If you're working to a budget, or maybe you just want to make sure you have a bit more spending money, then you'll love our cheap airport hotels. We have deals and packages available for airports all over the UK including popular flight locations such as Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester Airport. To give you an idea you can see a few of our most popular locations and the cheapest airport hotel we offer there; you can find the full selection of hotels on each airport page.

Location Hotel Room only Room with 8 days parking
Gatwick Russ Hill From £37* From £49*
Heathrow easyHotel From £35* From £75*
Stansted Premier Inn - From £77*
Manchester Britannia Stockport From £39* From £59*

*All prices are guide prices; please enter your travel dates at the top of the page for current pricing and availability. When you're ready to arrange a stay you can do so in one easy booking.

What makes them cheap?


Don't worry, we don't expect you to kip in a tent in the middle of a field! All the cheap airport hotels we offer have real rooms with cosy beds, ranging from 2 star accommodation upwards; so you'll still be able to get a good night's sleep.

Often the main reason one of the hotels we offer is considered to be a cheap hotel is simply distance from the airport. The hotel may be a little further afield (which might actually result in a quieter room!) meaning you will have a slightly longer transfer in the morning.

In some cases you may find that the hotel doesn't have its own on-site restaurant or a few of the amenities you might get elsewhere such as a gym or swimming pool. Don't worry, we'll let you know where you can grab a bite to eat and we'll always do our best to let you know what facilities you can expect on the individual hotel pages.

For the adventeruous amongst you we also offer a range of Mystery Hotels at most airports. These hotels are very often our cheapest deals, you'll get a great price on a hotel stay, we just won't tell you which hotel until you've booked it. Don't worry, we don't keep you completely in the dark though, you'll know the star rating and important information about the hotel before you book!

Can I still get parking packages with the cheap hotels?


Absolutely, we offer a range of cheap airport hotels with parking which can actually save you money compared to paying for your parking and hotel separately. With many of our cheap airport hotels you'll often find you have a range of parking options to choose from, although some of these may increase the cost of your stay.

On-site at the hotel

This is the simplest parking we offer, you drive directly to your hotel on the day of your stay and park in their car park. You may be asked to leave your keys with the hotel in case they need to move it for any reason - to an overflow car park for example. When you get back from your holiday you can just return to the hotel, jump in your car and head home.

Off-site parking

The parking for a specific hotel maybe an off-site location, often a secure car park close to the hotel or the airport but not actually the hotel grounds. With these you may be asked to park there before you check-in at your hotel, or you may be able to park at the hotel overnight and move your car in the morning; the information will be available on the hotel page and also in your booking confirmation. After your trip just return to the car park, grab your car and be on your way.

Airport parking

Exactly as it sounds, your car will be parked at the airport car park - this could be the Short Stay, Mid Stay or Long Stay. In most cases you'll park overnight at the hotel and move your car to the airport car park after you check-out, sometimes there is a charge from the hotel for the overnight parking but we'll let you know if that's the case. We'll also send you a confirmation email with any directions or instructions for the car park.

Meet & Greet

A spot of luxury for your stay! Although this tends to be the most expensive option it is the most hassle-free; you simply drive your car to the drop-off point (generally near the terminal) where a professional driver will worry about finding a parking space for you! All you need to do is walk to departures, parking space hunting, no transfers. When you return from your trip your car will be brought round for you so you can just hop in and head home. With a Meet & Greet package you will normally park at the hotel overnight and drive to the drop-off point on the morning of your flight.

What about getting to and from the airport?


In some cases the cheap airport hotels we offer may be too far from the airport to easily walk, but don't worry, you'll still get there! Many of our hotels offer a transfer shuttle running on either a set timetable or as necessary, others may be on a bus route for the airport. Some of the hotels may require you to get a taxi; most of these hotels can recommend a reliable local company and in some cases have a flat rate agreement with them or cover the costs for you.

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