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Belfast Airport by Road vs Rail, Coach or Taxi

Your flight is booked, you’re ready to go. Now what’s the best way to get to Belfast Airport? There are of course many options, but what if you have the whole family in tow, or you’re loaded down with bags? Well how about this for an idea - take your own car? Pre-book a long term stay at Long Stay Belfast International Airport car park and pay just £37.50 for 8 days. It’s the ultimate door to door service and you’re at the wheel.

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Train services to and from Belfast, Lilburn and Londonderry operate from the nearby town of Antrim, 6 miles from Belfast International Airport, so there is no direct rail route to the terminal. You could take a taxi from Antrim to Belfast International but this will add cost and inconvenience to your journey. It’s also worth remembering that the cost of a taxi there and back would be at least £20 and for just £37.50 you’ll get 8 days parking at car park provided by Airparks at Belfast Airport.


National Express coaches run services to Belfast central from all over Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, but from there you’ll need to take a bus or taxi to Belfast International Airport. However travelling by bus is not always practical when you’re loaded down with bags or travelling with small children. It can also make for a frustrating return journey. Small inconveniences can become major headaches when you’re jetlagged, tired and just want to get home.


There are over 250 taxi companies in the region and many offer good fares to Belfast Airport. In terms of convenience, this is probably the next best thing to taking your own car, but only if your journey begins in Belfast city or surrounding areas, otherwise costs would be prohibitive. Taking your own car gives you more flexibility. Belfast International Airport is just 18 miles from the Belfast city centre and easily accessible from the surrounding motorways.