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Airport parking fees

Many travellers expect airport parking fees to be high. However, this does not have to be the case. By choosing the right deal on airport parking, leaving your car in a safe, secure car park during your trip does not have to cost the earth.

Airport parking fees vary depending on several factors. These include: which airport you travel from; how long you’re away; what type of parking you require; and when you book. Seasonal trends can also influence prices.

Which airport

Popular and easily-accessible airports like Gatwick Airport often have excellent deals on airport parking. Parking at Gatwick can be very affordable so have a look at our offers for Airparks Gatwick.

Length of stay

Short stay car parks generally charge by the hour. They are perfect if you only need to visit an airport briefly; for instance to pick up relatives. Mid Stay and Long Stay car parks are the most cost effective option for people who have flights booked.

Type of car park

Standard economy car parks are generally superb value. Meet and Greet, aka valet, parking can be more expensive but there are some excellent deals available. For instance with Airparks, at Manchester airport, you can only pay from £39.99 for an eight day parking stay at Manchester Airport Parking.

When you book

Booking in advance is likely to save you a lot on airport parking rates. Gate prices can be three times what you would pay if you had booked in advance. Additionally, there may not be space available at your choice of car park.

Seasonal factors

During the peak holiday season at the height of summer, car parking can be more expensive than at off-peak times. By booking in advance you can still save many pounds on summer car parking.