Airport Lounges

Birmingham Aviance Lounge

Here at Airparks we can now offer you the chance to relax in style for up to 3 hours before you departure from Brighton Airport in the Aviance Lounge.

When you're jetting off on holiday an airport lounge makes a great way to reduce stress before you fly. There's no need to hang around departures or busy airport buildings when you can escape the hustle and bustle of the terminal and relax for up to 3 hours before your departure time in the Aviance Lounge.

Facilities in the Aviance Lounge include newspapers, magazines and television along with internet access, phones and a fax machine. Complimentary snacks and drinks (excluding champagne) are included in the price. A great way to relax at little cost.

You may think that such luxury and convenience doesn't come cheap but with Airparks you can book a stay in the Aviance Lounge from only £19.50 per person.

Take advantage of this low price on luxurious convenience and book today with Airpaks.

Published by: Tony Hill
Published on: 5th February 2008