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Book airport hotels from as little as £59.00 per night*

*Prices vary depending on location, time of year, and when you book.

Book an airport hotel and beat the snow.

Don't let the weather make you miss your flight. Better safe than sorry with an airport hotel.

The harsh Winter weather is now upon us, with snow causing motorways to slow to a snail's pace and trains to freeze services. These delays inevitably affect journey times, which is even more of a pain for those flying from the UK's airports.
The best way to beat the freeze is to book an airport hotel. With an airport hotel you arrive the night before your flight, and either park at the hotel, or (depending on the hotel) park at a nearby secured parking facility. You get a warm, comfy night in a 2 to 5 star hotel room, with breakfast available come the morning as well as a chance to read the papers and prepare yourself for your flight.

Our airport hotel rooms are easy to book, and can work out costing less than parking alone. Have a go on the booking system on this page - you can see what rooms are available at the airport you are flying from, as well as a comparison of prices at each airport hotel.

Published by: Barry Holloway
Date Published: 29 December 2005 - A guide to roughing it in airports...
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