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Volcano charges waiver leaves many happy customers

iceland's volcano eruption

As unexpected as the wind (literally), Iceland's volcanic eruption managed to cause complete chaos to the whole of Europe. Closing the complete UK airspace, leaving thousands stranded and bringing businesses to their knees - it won't be forgotten in a long time.

Airparks, at a time of misfortune for many, decided to waive charges for all of those people stranded and having to leave their cars for extra days, free booking transfers for those who couldn't travel and free booking amendments for those whose arrangements had changed.

Mr Grabianski, who used Airparks Luton, said: "On arrival at Airparks I was greeted with, “Yes sir, your car will be ready in a few moments and there is no extra charge".

"They spraywashed the car in front of me and wished me a pleasant journey. Now that's what I call good service."

Of course, that's not the only comment received. Take a look at the volcano customer feedback page to see more of our satisfied customers.

Published by Ross Barnard on April 27, 2010