Volcano crisis feedback

What our customers said about us during the volcano disruption...

volcano airport crisis - used under creative commons licence from Mike Knell

It's been a long couple of weeks for thousands of stranded travellers and holidaymakers. So, at Airparks, we've tried to make it as smooth-sailing as possible by waiving charges and drafting in extra staff to deal with our busy periods.
Here's what some of our customers have said about our service during this difficult time...

We were due to return from Alicante on 18th April, but along with thousands of others were not able to. However I was extremely pleased when I rang your Castle Donnington office to let them know we would be unable to collect our car as arranged, to be told that the company had made a decision not to charge for the extra days - this was in stark contrast to other companies, mainly travel firms and car hire who were blatently ripping off the stranded travellers.
We have used your parking facilities before and will certainly be using them again in the future and I have told everyone who enquired about "how we made it back to the U.K." about the generosity of your company.
Mr Baggaley

"I was greatly impressed with your staff and service at Airparks Manchester. Staff were efficient, friendly and professional. I was also happily surprised with the lack of overstay charges. Thanks once again and be happy in the knowledge that your staff at Manchester are doing an excellent job."
Mr Kirkwood, Airparks Manchester

"After 5 days of great problems, to be treated so kindly by your company was a great relief. You have made a customer for life. Thank you."
Marshall Frey

"I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate your Handforth Dean staff for their exceptional service offering. They were both professional and polite and with a smile greeted us back to the UK. I found it both thoughtful and refreshing that your company felt that it should support the British public during an event that was not of your making. I will certainly be using your service again."
Mr Gallimore, Airparks Manchester

"To get back to Slip End expecting a hefty extra charge for the extra seven days, to find that there was no additional money due was a very pleasant surprise and I thank you warmly for that! I have used Airparks several times in the last few years and the arrangements and your staff have always been excellent. I will obviously be using you again next time I fly (already booked, incidentally)."
Mr Green, Airparks Luton

"I eventually got home on Saturday after a coach trip from Malaga. It took me in all 39 hours and like most others had a fleecing along the way. However, when I eventually reached your car park things took a turn for the better. Your receptionist was charming and the young man who delivered my car to me could not have been more helpful. I will certainly be using you for every time I go abroad from now on."
Mr Bell, Airparks Luton

"I had to write to you to express my thanks at the way I was treated by your company, resulting from the delay I incurred when stranded in Portugal. I was told that would not be charged for the excess and I picked up the car last night and they had even washed it for me, at no extra charge. It was refreshing to find in Airparks that I was dealing with a company with integrity and compassion. It was, as the saying goes, a pleasure to do business with you."
Mr Cropley, Airparks East Midlands

"A BIG thank you for your help for both myself and my friend in England during a difficult time due to Iceland's volcano. Excellent service!"
Diane Abbott, Airparks Birmingham

"I just wanted to extend my extreme gratitude to Airparks East Midlands for looking after my car and even washing off the ash when I eventually got home a week later than I was due back. After a traumatic 2 days of travel to get home, I was extremely grateful to not have any further charges."
Sue Glover, Airparks East Midlands

"I am writing to thank you for your understanding and generosity around the matter of free of charge parking for extended stays during the volcano crisis. I think that this was an extraordinary gesture at a time when other players in an industry did not exercise such generosity. I will be sure to recommend the services to anyone thinking of travelling via Luton or any of the other affiliated Airparks car parks."
Tory Garforth-Bles, Airparks Luton

"I was recently detained in Majorca for an additional 6 days as a result of the closing of UK airspace. At a time when it would be easy to take advantage of your customer's misfortune, your policy of not imposing overstay charges is like a breath of fresh air and reflects great credit on your company. Personally, when I next need to park at an airport, I will have no need to look to any other provider than Airparks."
Mr Bond, Airparks East Midlands

"I was extremely pleased to find that I was not charged for the 5 additional days my car was left with you. This is a wonderful attitude to take in light of what happened and I applaud you for it. This gesture has guaranteed my future business on parking at Gatwick."
Mr Stonebanks, East Sussex

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