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Secure Airparks with Electric Charge Edinburgh Airport Reviews

Edinburgh Secure Airparks Electric charge is rated, on average, 10 out of 10 by 3 Airparks customers

Secure Airparks Electric charge Edinburgh Airport We don’t see anyone now just the coach driver , we drive up, the barrier lifts when our numberplate is read , we are dropped that the airport door , the whole thing then happens in reverse, no problems. Mr Proud 19 Sep, 2019

(10 out of 10)

Secure Airparks Electric charge Edinburgh Airport Hi there the best thing i find is the easy way to get to and from the car park.Also knowing the fact its secour and safe. I would recomend this to anyone. Regards Mr White. Mr White 09 Sep, 2019

(10 out of 10)

Secure Airparks Electric charge Edinburgh Airport I WOULD LIKE TO MOST SINCERELY THANK THE WONDERFUL, KIND, CONSIDERATE AND MOST HELPFUL GENTLEMAN WHO WAS ON DUTY AT 12 O CLOCK MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY/MONDAY FOR HELPING ME FIND MY CAR AFTER I HAD SEARCHED FOR OVER AN HOUR AND BEING TOTALLY EXHAUSTED. MY APPRECIATION AS WELL TO THE BUS DRIVER WHO CAME TO MY RESCUE FIRST AND TOOK ME TO THE OFFICE. THANKS GUYS, IT IS FOLK LIKE YOU WHO MAKES THIS WORLD A VERY HAPPY PLACE. ALSO APPRECIATE THAT THERE ARE GUARDIAN ANGELS ON EARTH. I Through no fault of yours, all mine, and first time staying overnight with you, I memorized the lane numbers not the Bus stop and when we arrived at 11, I caught the bus and got off where I thought my car was parked. Well, I walked and walked, asked a driver where 11 and 13 rows where and he said between 4th and 5th Bus stop.I was then sure it was 4th but walked up and down every row till 12 o clock when another very kind bus driver of East European accent approached me and said he had seen me walking and looking lost, he then took me to the office which( I presumed would be closed at night thus the reason I did not go to it), the true, real gentleman also of East European accent was most helpful, checked to see if I was at the correct place as I doubted my own mind by this time. After trying to explain where I thought I had parked he realized my error. I thought I had driven straight past the office and he said I could not have gone straight up as the road takes a left turn. I asked if I could leave my belongings with him as it was easier to walk without dragging luggage behind me. He agreed. I started off on my journey again to find my car and he very kindly drove up to me and took me to find the car. I was only one line out when he spotted my 'Teddy Bear' on the aerial of my car. You have no idea how relieved I was for him coming to my rescue. Mrs Jamieson 02 Apr, 2019

(10 out of 10)