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Before Boarding at Manchester Airport

Embarking on a holiday and flying out of the airport is exciting, but before you can really relax and enjoy your trip there a few things everybody has to go through first at the airport. First up you will have to find somewhere to park your car. The stress and hassle of searching for a parking spot in busy car parks can be neatly avoided if you pre-book online with Airparks. Booking in advance can save you up to 60% off the on-gate price, and ensures here is a parking space reserved for you when you get to the airport. There is a great range of Manchester Airport parking options available for pre-booking on-line with Airparks, so it’s well worth looking into.

Getting to the Check-In Desk

Having parked a secure car park, the next step is to take one of the regular, efficient transfer buses to the airport terminals. Transfers from off-airport car parks will take slightly longer than from on-airport car parks, but if you don’t mind the extra time, off-airport parking is cheaper. You can avoid transfer buses altogether if you book the Manchester Airport meet & greet service.

At the Check-In Desk

The transfer bus will drop you outside the terminal. Simply locate the check-in desk by looking on one of the screens just inside the doors of the airport. Airport staff will be on hand to help you should you require assistance.

Once you’ve found the check-in desk, you will need to present your passport and flight ticket to the check-in desk staff, and any large items of luggage you have will be checked onto the plane. Your tickets will either be exchanged for a boarding pass, or, if you have checked in online, as some airlines now allow you to do, the e-mailed receipt sent to you will act as your boarding pass. In this case, should you only have hand luggage with you, will not even need to queue up at the check-in desk.

Passport Control and Security

You’ve checked in your bags and have your boarding pass, so next in line is going through passport control. Present your passport to the passport control official, who will check it and allow you through to complete the security check. The security check will require you to pass through a metal detector and have your hand luggage x-rayed to ensure nothing forbidden is going onto the plane. For this reason it is important to ensure you do not have any items such as corkscrews, knives or nail files upon your person. Also, please note that liquids going onto the plane are now restricted. You may only take up to 100ml of liquid on to the plane, and this must be sealed in a clear plastic bag provided by the security staff.

The Final Countdown

After this, you can start to relax; your holiday is about to begin. All that’s left to do is find your way to the departure gate and lounge, which will be well-marked. At the departure lounge, you will be required to show your passport and boarding pass to the airline staff at the departure lounge desk, and then just wait for the boarding call, when you can get on the plane.

Enjoy Your Flight

With all of the above to go through before you can begin your holiday, Airparks’ aim to make the bit we are responsible for, airport parking, as easy and hassle-free as possible. Our car parks have top security features, so you can travel safe in the knowledge your care is well-protected and in good hands.