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Before Boarding at Glasgow Airport

Although you will be desperate to get your holiday started when you arrive at the airport, there are a few inescapable processes you will need to go through before you can relax and enjoy your trip away. First off, when you arrive at the airport you will have to find a place to park your car. The stress of hunting for a parking space can be avoided, however, if you pre-book airport parking online with Airparks. A parking space will be reserved at the airport for you, and savings of up to 60% off the on-gate price can be had when you book in advance.

Getting to the Check-In Desk

You’ve parked your car, so now you just need to hop onto a transfer bus for the short ride to the airport building. Transfer buses are reliable, efficient and the friendly bus driver will be happy to help you should you require assistance. Off-airport car parks will have slightly longer transfer times than their on-airport counterparts.

At the Check-In Desk

After being transported to the airport terminal, you need to make your way to the check-in desk. This will be well-sign posted, and details of which check-in desk your flight is booked under will be shown on departure screens in the airport foyer. Airport staff will be on hand to help if you can’t work out where you need to go.

Once you’ve found your check-in desk, all you need to do is check any large items of luggage, show your passport to the check-in staff and you will be given your boarding pass in exchange for your airline tickets. Certain airlines, such as EasyJet, allow you to check-in online before you get to the airport, saving you time. If you do this, an e-mail will be sent to you confirming your flight details; you should print this off and it will then act as your boarding pass.

Passport Control and Security

The next stage is to go through passport control. This is relatively straight-forward; simply queue up and present your passport to the passport control official, who will check it and allow you to pass through to the security check. The security check will require you to walk through a metal detector and have your hand luggage x-rayed. It is important to ensure you don’t have any forbidden items in your nag at this point, such a scissors, nail files or anything that might be seen as dangerous. As well as this, there are now restrictions on the amount of liquid you can take onto the plane with you; only up to 100ml may be taken on, and this must be sealed in a clear plastic bag provided by the security staff.

The Final Countdown

Now that you’ve cleared the security check, your holiday is about to begin. Simply go to your departure lounge and gate, show the airline staff member on the desk there your boarding pass and passport, and await the call to board the plane.

Enjoy Your Flight

Airparks realise that you have enough to worry about when going through the airport process, which is why we try to make airport parking as stress-free and easy as possible for our customers. Why not pre book Glasgow Airport parking with Airparks now. All Airparks car parks come with a great range of high-spec security features, so you can travel assured your car is in the best possible hands. Security measures in Airparks parking facilities include:

  • CCTV
  • High security fencing
  • Well-lit parking areas
  • Regular security patrols