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Before Boarding at Aberdeen Airport

Here are some things to consider before boarding at Aberdeen Airport:

Airport Parking

Customers driving to Aberdeen Airport by car will need parking for the duration of their holiday. Airparks can help with this by offering two different options forAberdeen airport parking: Aberdeen Airpark provides convenient airport parking with a transfer time of only 5 mins to the airport. Transfers to and from Aberdeen Airport Long Stay car park are even quicker, taking approximately just 2 minutes each way.


The check-in area at Aberdeen Airport is located just by the main entrance of the terminal concourse. It is important that passengers consult their airline for advice about check-in time but in general you should allow two hours before departure for international flights, and one hour for the UK & Ireland.

Aberdeen Airport offer online check-in and self-service check-in to passengers whose flights are eligible. The services are usually dependent upon which airline you are flying with, and whether you have hold luggage to check-in. It is extremely important that passengers pay close attention to times for dropping bags, collecting boarding cards and arriving at the gate if not attending the check-in desk.

Hold Luggage

There are some items which cannot be taken onto an aircraft and passengers should ensure that these items are not packed into hand luggage or hold luggage. A detailed list of prohibited items is available from the airport.

Please ensure that loose straps are tied up, flaps are securely fastened, extendable handles are secured, and old tags are removed.

Hand Luggage & Liquids

The number of items of hand luggage permitted onto the aircraft will vary depending on which airline you are flying with, and it is important that you consult your airline in advance. Your airline may also enforce restrictions on the size of the cabin bags.

The amount of liquids allowed through to the departure lounge is restricted to being carried in containers holding 100ml or less. These containers must be carried in a transparent and re-sealable plastic bag.

Boarding at Aberdeen Airport

You will pass through security control before entering the departure lounge, and it is important that you allow plenty of time to get to your departure gate. Once you are in the departure lounge, there are display screens informing you of the boarding time for your flight. Boarding usually starts around 45 minutes prior to departure.