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The Association of British Travel Agents

The Association of British Travel Agents is the UK's chief trade association for tour operators and travel agents. Abta members are responsible for the sale of some 80% of UK sold holidays. ABTA - The Association of British Travel Agents - was founded in 1950.

Since the early days the world and the travel Industry have radically changed. Developments include the growing number of holiday makers who have a larger income and development of fast, safer air travel.

In the 1970s holidays abroad became a reality for millions of people who formerly could only dream of distant lands. The 'Package holiday' became the easy, popular way to travel. It became one of the roles of ABTA to protect the Holiday maker from any possible financial failure of tour operators or travel agents.

ABTA regulated travel agents and tour operators comply with rules that are designed to protect your money in the event of a company failure. ABTA is an independent, self-regulatory body which is the envy of the travel trade world-wide. The reputation gained by ABTA is unparalleled in the United Kingdom.

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