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Before Boarding at Teesside Airport

At Teesside Airport, there are flight information screens displayed indicating check-in times for your flight. We advise a check-in time of two hours prior to departure for a scheduled flight, and three hours for a charter flight. During check-in, your flight tickets and passports will be checked, luggage weighed and labelled, and your boarding card published.

There are two separate car parks available for passengers to use for Teesside Airport Parking: the Durham Tees On-Airport Car Park and the Durham Tees Valley Spa Hotel Parking.

Passenger Facility Fee

All passengers departing from Teesside Airport are required to pay a Passenger Facility Fee (PFF) ticket to get access to the departure lounge. This fee is designed to help support the continued operation of the airport. Tickets are £6 for adults and £2 for children 3-15 years. Passengers are required to purchase the PFF ticket from pay stations at check-in.

Hand Luggage & Liquids

Teesside Airport allows passengers to carry two items of hand luggage through security, but each piece is subject to a maximum size limit. A handbag or laptop bag does count as a piece of hand luggage, and will not be accepted as an additional item. It is important that you check with your airline because allowances can vary.

There are restrictions in place limiting the amount of liquid allowed through security; passengers can only carry liquids in containers up to 100ml. These containers must be carried in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, and carried separately to any other hand luggage.


All passengers are subject to a security search process, where boarding cards will be inspected, you will be asked to undergo a screening process, and you could be subject to image capturing. All hand luggage and personal items are also subject to screening.