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Before Boarding at Newcastle Airport

Flying out from the airport on holiday is an exciting prospect. However, before the fun can really begin, everybody has to go through a set of standard airport procedures.

First off, you will need to work out how and where at the airport you are going to leave your car for the duration of your trip. Turning up on the day and paying the on-the-gate parking price is the most expensive way of parking at the airport. On top of this, you may end up spending a long time searching for a space in packed car parks. Avoid this and save money by pre-booking online with Airparks. Booking Newcastle Airport parking in advance with Airparks can save you up to 60% off the on-gate parking price, and ensures that there is a reserved parking space waiting for you when you reach the Airport, so it’s well-worth it.

Getting to the Check-In Desk

Getting to the check-in desk is easy; simply hop on one of our regular, efficient transfer buses and you will be delivered straight to the terminal. Off-airport car parks, such as the Airparks Newcastle Bellair car park, have longer transfer times but are cheaper, whereas on-airport car parks, such as the Newcastle On-Airport Parking car park, have shorter transfer times for a slightly higher price. Avoid transfer buses altogether by booking the Newcastle International Meet and Greet Parking service.

At the Check-In Desk

Once you’ve been taken to the airport buildings, you will need to find your check-in desk. This should be relatively easy, as there will be screens showing which flights are operating through which check-in desks, and if you have problems finding yours you can always ask a friendly airport staff member for help.

At the check-in desk, you will be required to check-in any large items of luggage that need to go on the hold of the plane. The check-in assistant will need to see your passport and will swap your airline ticket for a boarding pass. Alternatively, many airline operators now allow you to check-in online before you reach the airport, saving you time. If you decide to use this facility, you will be sent an e-mail with our flight details on; you should print this off and use it in place of a boarding pass.

Passport Control and Security

Having checked in, the next thing for you to do is to pass through passport control. Simply queue up and present your passport to the passport control official on the desk. They will check to ensure everything is in order, before sending you through to the security check. The security check requires you to walk through a metal detector and have your hand luggage x-rayed. It is important not to carry anything that might be considered dangerous in your hand luggage or on your person, such as sharp implements. Also, there are now restrictions on the amount liquid you can take on the plane; only 100ml can be taken in a container, and these must be sealed in clear plastic bags provided by the security staff.

The Final Countdown

The final part of the procedures before you can begin enjoying your holiday is waiting until your departure lounge and gate are specified on the screens on the other side of the security check. Once your gate is shown, you can proceed to your departure lounge, where you will have to show your boarding pass and passport to the airline staff member on the desk there. Now just await your call to board, and you can be on your way.