Before Boarding at Gatwick

When flying out from the airport, whether for business or pleasure, there are a number of processes you will have to go through before you finally get on the plane and start your holiday. First and foremost, you will have to park your car. If you have pre-booked Gatwick Airport parking online with Airparks, this will be considerably easier; you will have a parking space reserved and just need to turn up to your car park, where your car will be parked for you by one of our friendly staff.

Getting to the Check-In Desk

After you have found a space or had your car parked for you, you will need to get a transfer bus to the airport terminals, unless you have booked an Airparks Meet & Greet service. Transfer buses are regular, efficient, and driven by friendly drivers who will be happy to help you should you require any assistance with your luggage. Off-airport car parks have a slightly longer transfer time than on-airport car parks.

At the Check-In Desk

Once you’ve been transported to the front of the airport building, you will need to find your check in desk. Your check-in desk is easily found by looking at one of the numerous screens located in the airport with departure flight details on. Airport staff will be able to help you if you are having trouble.

At the check-in desk, you will need to check in any luggage that is due to go in the hold of the plane, and, depending on the type of ticket you have, you will be issued your boarding pass. Some flight carriers, such as EasyJet, allow you check-in online before you reach the airport; an e-mail will be sent to you which you print off and use as your boarding pass, making the check-in process quicker and easier.

Passport Control and Security

Next up, you will have to go through passport control and show your passport to the friendly customs official. Immediately after this comes airport security, where your hand luggage is put through an x-ray machine and where you will have to go walk through a metal detector. It is important to note that in recent years, restrictions have been placed on the amount of liquid you can take onto the plane. You can take no more than 100ml of liquid onto the plane with you, and this has to be placed into a sealed clear plastic bag before you leave. Plastic sealable bags will be provided at the security point.

The Final Countdown

After you have cleared security, you can really get started on your holiday. All you have to do is find your gate, which will be well-signposted, present your passport and boarding pass to the airline staff at the gate desk, and await the call to board your flight.

Enjoy Your Flight

Airparks are committed to making your experience at the airport as easy and enjoyable as possible, which is why we seek to minimise the stress of the first part; your airport parking. All our car parks are safe and secure, with security feature such as regular security patrols, CCTV, high security fencing and well-lit parking bays, so you can travel without the stress of worrying about the well-being of your car.