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Before Boarding at Doncaster Airport

Here are some things to consider before boarding at Doncaster Airport:


Check-in times vary depending on which airline you are travelling with, but it is recommended that you check-in at least two hours prior to your flight. You can confirm your check-in time with your airline in advance, or check the information display screens in the main concourse. Check-in, ticket sales and reservation desks are all located in the main concourse.


Doncaster Airport parking offers a drop off & pick up area located within the main passenger car park, where passengers are allocated fifteen minutes free of charge. There are on-airport car parks where passengers can pre-book a space up to 24 hours in advance of departure time. It is not necessary to pre-book a space but it does work out cheaper than the “turn up and pay” option. There is now a free membership scheme available where regular travellers can receive further discounts on parking.


At check-in, you will need to show your airline ticket and passport in exchange for a boarding pass. Your hold luggage will be checked-in and must include anything larger than the permitted hand luggage size. Musical instruments are allowed as a second item of hand luggage once cleared with your airline.

Hand Luggage & Liquids

Doncaster Airport restricts hand luggage to one item per person, and passengers are reminded that laptop bags and ladies handbags are not an exception to the rule. There are restrictions in place limiting the amount of liquid allowed through security. Passengers can carry small amounts of liquids, but only within containers up to 100ml each. These containers should be packed within a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag.


All passengers must pass through the security area before entering the departure lounge. Passengers should expect to have their boarding card inspected, and all belongings to be passed through an x-ray scanner.