Get a speedy check-in at Cardiff Airparks

Cardiff Airparks now has three new self check-in kiosks. Checking in at Cardiff has never be so quick. Save yourself even more time at the car park and swot up on how our new systems work before you go. They're so easy to use, but you'll be a pro in time for your arrival.

Here's a step-by-step guide to how they work.
The check-in screens are touch screens.

Welcome screen on self check-in kiosks• This is the welcome screen. You'll need to touch the screen to start checking in.

Scan your barcode to start checking in• At this screen you'll need to scan the barcode on your booking confirmation to bring your details up. If you don't have a barcode, touch the 'no barcode' button.

Enter your booking reference• This screen will appear If you've hit the 'no barcode' button. Put your booking reference or car registration in using the keyboard that'll pop up. If you've not pre-booked, touch the 'I have not pre-booked' button.

Confirm your booking details• If you've pre-booked (we advise you do to get our best prices), and given us all your details, this screen will display them. At this stage, you can change any details or continue to the next screen by clicking the 'confirm' button.

Enter your personal details• If you haven't given us all your details, you'll need to complete them now. We'll ask for your personal details and the number of passengers travelling here:

Enter your car details• Your car details here:

Enter your flight details• And your flight details here:

We're always looking to make things easier for our customers and offer them additional services.

Add a Return Greet to your booking• If you've got a late flight back or just want to get homes as quickly as you can, our Return Greet service is excellent. We'll bring your car to the terminal so you can head straight home.
Here's your chance to add it to your booking.

Add a car valet service• Perhaps you'd like to give your car a little treat while you're away? Let us make your car look like new - add one of our valet services. If you don't want to add any extra services, just click the 'no thank you' button.

Booking total summary• If you've added any extra services to your booking, or you're paying the gate rate because you haven't pre-booked, you'll see this screen. You can change any of the extra services you've added by clicking the 'amend' button.
Click the 'confirm' button when you're happy to continue.

Select your method of payment• How will you be paying? Credit card, debit card or cash? The choice is yours. Just click the method you wish to use.

Put cash into the correct places• If you're paying by cash, pop the notes and / or coins in the correct slots.

Put your card into the reader• If you're paying by card, insert your card into the reader and follow the instructions.

Your confirmation and key tag will be printed• You're now checked in. Take your key collection ticket and put it somewhere safe, tag your car key and drop it in the secured box before boarding the transfer bus. We only need your car key and immobiliser.

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