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Gatwick Airport Hotels

Whether you're booking for the start or the end of your holiday, finding quality airport accommodation with Airparks couldn't be easier.

Simply enter the details of your stay into the booking engine to browse through a wide range of comfortable airport hotels. If you are unsure about booking any particular hotel, you can easily check out the photos and description of the place, as well as reviews from previous guests to help you make your mind up.

Once you have decided upon a place, it's just a simple matter of clicking 'book now', and continuing through to the payment screen - adding any extras to the booking that you might want.

With so many reasonably priced, quality hotel options to choose from, there's nothing stopping you from bagging a great hotel deal and enjoying a peaceful night's rest before your flight.


There are many reasons why you might want to consider booking a hotel within the airport grounds.

  • Avoid the hassle of Gatwick traffic.
  • Skip the transfer bus and just stroll down to the terminal.
  • Enjoy a peaceful start to your holiday with hotel names you can trust.

We offer a range of affordable, comfortable on-airport accommodation options for both Gatwick's north and south terminals. Below are some of our more popular airport hotels for each terminal.

North terminal hotels

Sofitel Gatwick - With a wide choice of rooms, elegant surroundings and high-spec facilities, this 4-star hotel is the perfect choice for travellers wishing to start their holiday in style. All rooms include an en-suite bathroom, TV with pay movies, Playstation, flight information, Internet access, telephone and provisions for tea and coffee. Our customers love booking the Sofitel Gatwick for the fact that guests are allowed access to the long term airport car park for between 8-15 days. Rooms start at £111.20* per night.

Gatwick Premier Inn - The Gatwick airport Premier Inn offers travellers a comfortable start to their holiday. All rooms come equipped with the essential amenities, including an ensuite bathroom, TV and internet access.

South terminal hotels

Gatwick Hilton - The Gatwick Hilton is the perfect combination of luxury and practicality. This 4-star airport hotel is one of only two hotels that are connected to the airport terminal. Through the covered walkway, you can reach the South terminal in a matter of moments. All rooms come with triple glazed windows for extra quiet, en-suite bathroom, TV, internet access, air-conditioning and provisions for tea and coffee.

Gatwick Airport Hotels with Parking

Many of our customers find it useful to book airport hotels along with secure parking for while they are away. With Airparks, you can book all of this in one hit, saving you both time and money. Check out the Gatwick Airport parking page for more information on how to book.

Hotels requiring a transfer

Our most affordable airport hotels options require a brief transfer to the airport terminal. If you are looking for cheap Gatwick airport hotel accommodation near to the airport and of good quality, then this will be your best bet.

The Gatwick Russ Hill offers excellent value for money, located just 4 miles from the airport terminal with a transfer service running 24 hours. The hotel also offers a holiday parking package of up to 15 days. Rooms come with all the usual amenities and there is a restaurant and bar onsite. Prices for a room start from as little as £43 per night.

The Gatwick Ibis hotel is a handy choice for travellers wanting close proximity to the airport at a more affordable price. The hotel is located just a mile from the terminal and operates bookable transfers to both the north and south terminals. Rooms start at just £50 per night. Check out the Gatwick Ibis page for more information.

Value for money with airport hotels at Gatwick

Choice and Value - We offer all the Gatwick hotels listed below, covering all bases regarding budget, service and facilities. Enjoy a great value package, whichever you choose. Booking with Airparks assures you receive exactly the airport hotel you require and don't pay over the odds.

Getting to Gatwick Airport - Smooth transfers from the surrounding hotels mean you'll benefit from inclusive parking facilities and an easier journey to the Airport, especially if your departure is at an unsociable hour.

So why choose a Gatwick airport hotel...

  • Relax the night before an early flight at one of our Gatwick airport hotels
  • Start you holiday early at a Gatwick airport hotel
  • Beat the Gatwick airport rush hour and motorway traffic jams
  • Refreshed and ready for your flight
  • Breakfast before your flight
  • Check-in for your flight at your leisure

*Prices are subject to change and may vary over time. The prices cited were correct at the time of writing.