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Parking your car with Airparks Luton means additional peace of mind for your trip away. The security features in place at our car parks have won awards, so you know your car is in safe hands with us. As well as being holders of the Park Mark award for safer parking, we’re also ISO 9001 2008 accredited. Security features in place at Airparks Luton include high security fencing, CCTV, regular security patrols and floodlit parking bays.

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Airparks Luton 8/1014 mins

We don't just offer great security though; Airparks Luton offers convenient and stress-free Luton Airport parking, with short transfers to-and-from the Luton airport terminal. And now, get on your way even quicker with our new self check - in kiosks. We have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds revamping our car park, making it easier and better for you, our customer, to use our car park. Check your car in and out in a minute with our new high tech machines. What more could you ask for?

Parking procedures at Luton Airparks

Off-airport parking at Luton means that you will generally need a transfer to get to-and-from the airport terminal. But there's no need to worry about getting to the airport with Airparks Luton. We provide regular inclusive transfers 24 hours a day to the terminal. Buses run every 20 minutes, and take just nine minutes to the terminal between 04.00 and 23.20. Outside of these times, we run a regular shuttle service on request.

On arrival...
You'll need to bring a copy of your booking confirmation with you to the car park. Park in one of the numbered arrivals lanes, make a note of the lane number, unload your luggage and go into the check-in building in front of you. Head to one of the machines and follow the instructions.

Airparks parks your car for you, so you leave your car key with them. The machine will give you a key tag, which you attach to your car key, and a ticket so you can collect it when you return. Put the tag on your key and drop it into the blue box to the right of the building, in the slot which corresponds to your lane number. Then make your way to the shelter on the right of the check-in building, where the transfer bus will pick you up.

On return...
You'll need to catch the transfer bus back to Airparks. Come out of the arrivals hall, turn left, go past the departures hall and the taxi ranks, then cross the road and wait at bus stop 12.

At the car park, head to the check-out building, go up to one of the machines and scan the barcode on your key collection ticket. A map of the car park will come up, showing you where your car is, and your keys will be returned. This should take a few seconds. Then you can collect your car and head home. At the exit barrier, scan the barcode on your key collection ticket again to get out.

Important transfer information:
Customers who will be using the Airparks transfer bus as a part of their journey to the airport must be advised that skis, snowboards, bicycles, surfboards or anything as large/larger than these items will not allowed on the bus. To avoid this, you can drop large items off at the terminal with a passenger and then drive your car to Airparks.


Airparks Luton
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