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Luton Airport Hotels with Parking

Staying at a Luton Airport hotel is a great way to avoid traffic delays, turning up at the airport late and missing that all important flight. Luton Airport hotels with parking are located just minutes from the airport and provide an excellent alternative to turning up on the day and parking. Booking a hotel with Airparks Luton means no early morning wake ups followed by long drives to the airport. Parking at Luton Airport hotels includes holiday parking for up to 15 days when booked through Airparks Luton.

Parking at Luton Airport Hotels

Luton Airport hotels with parking provide the ideal accommodation for families and single travellers. Hotels range from 2 to 4-star hotels with the nearest hotel located only half a mile from Luton Airport. All hotels booked through Airparks Luton include 15 days parking. Booking an on-airport hotel means customers are only three minutes from Luton Airport terminal via the courtesy transfer shuttle. Off-airport hotels are inexpensively priced and located within 10 miles of Luton Airport with transfers reaching the terminal in around 15 minutes. Booking a hotel in advance with Airparks Luton will guarantee excellent discounts, and cancellation waivers for only £2.49 means customers will not lose out if cancellations are unavoidable.

Room Only Deals with Parking Options

Customers can book excellent room-only accommodation at Luton Airport hotels and arrange for discounted travel to and from the airport through Airparks Luton. Booking a Luton Airport hotel with car parking may actually work out less expensive than booking a parking space alone. Car parks at Luton Airport include short term, mid-term and long term on and off-airport options. Luton Airport hotels with parking can include parking at fully secure car parks located a mere four miles from the airport terminal. A range of upgrades is available including use of airport lounges, free executive room upgrades if available and professional car cleaning.

Reasons to Book Luton Airport Hotels with Parking

Booking a Luton Airport hotel with parking is an excellent way to arrive at Luton Airport refreshed and on time. There are a number of reasons why customers use Luton Airport hotels including:

  • Luton Airport hotels include parking for 15 days
  • Easy access to Luton Airport with on demand transfers, taxis and shuttle buses
  • Booking in advance will provide unbeatable hotel prices
  • Secure on and off airport parking available with frequent courtesy transfers

Stress-Free Luton Airport Hotels with Parking

Booking a Luton Airport hotel with parking is the best way to arrive at the airport relaxed and in plenty of time for flights. Customers can travel stress free with the knowledge that their cars are located in secure car parks. Book Luton Airport hotels with Airparks Luton as early as possible to receive excellent deals on accommodation and parking.