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Manchester Airport Hotels with Parking

If you have an early flight, arrive back from your holiday late, or are keen to avoid a stressful airport experience we have a great selection of hotels near Manchester airport which you can book as a package with parking included. We have a range of options to choose from - including a variety of cheap hotels at Manchester airport and plenty of accommodation close to the terminal - so no matter how you want to arrange your parking and overnight stay, we have a package to suit every agenda and budget.

In addition, thanks to Airparks’ Best Price Guarantee, you can be confident you won’t find our packages anywhere else for less - so you can have peace of mind that you’re getting the best deal.

Manchester parking options

We offer several different types of parking with our Manchester airport hotels so that you can tailor your package to fit around your plans, as well as your budget.

  • Parking at the hotel: If you opt for a package which includes parking at the hotel, you will need to drive straight to your accommodation and park in the grounds. You keep your keys and your vehicle will stay where you left it for the duration of your trip.
  • Secured: If you choose a package with ‘secured parking’, this means you’ll need to park your car within the grounds of your hotel and then leave your keys with reception. Your vehicle may stay where you left it, or it may be moved by staff should they need the space, but your car will be brought back for your return so it’s ready for you when you land.
  • Parking at a separate car park: You can book a hotel with parking at a separate car park - at Manchester, the choices will either be JetParks 1 or one of the Long Stay car parks. If you book one of these packages, you will need to park at the hotel during your overnight stay and then move your car to the appropriate car park. From there, you can take one of the frequent complimentary transfers to the terminal to catch your flight. Your car will stay in the car park for the duration of your trip, and when you return it'll be waiting where you left it.
  • Meet and Greet For an ultra convenient airport experience, you can book your parking as a 'Meet and Greet' service, which works like valet parking. You just need to drive to the terminal where you'll be met by a professional chauffeur who will park your car for you while you head to your hotel. At the end of your holiday, your car will be waiting for you at the airport ready for you to start your journey home.

Manchester terminal hotels

All of our hotels at Manchester airport are well situated with great transfers to and from check-in, but we've also compiled a helpful guide to the most convenient hotel and parking packages for each particular terminal, so you can ensure there'll be minimal transfer time on the morning of your flight.

Hotels at terminal 1

There are three hotels close to terminal 1 - the Crowne Plaza, the Clayton and the Radisson Blu. The Crowne Plaza and Clayton both include ‘secured parking’, meaning that if you opt for one of these packages you will just need to find a space in the hotel car park when you arrive, and make sure to leave your keys with reception when you check in as they may need to move your car whilst you’re away. The Radisson Blu comes with valet parking - sometimes called ‘Meet and Greet’.
  • Clayton - The Clayton is directly opposite the terminal making it the most convenient hotel for customers flying from T1. Despite the close proximity to the runway you will still get an excellent night's’ sleep as all of the bedrooms are completely soundproofed. You’ll need to park within the grounds of the hotel when you arrive as this package comes with ‘secured parking’ - that means you’ll need to hand your keys over to reception. Your car may stay on-site, or it may be moved to a separate location to make room for other arrivals during your time away, but it will be ready and waiting for you back at the hotel when you return.
  • Crowne Plaza - The Crowne Plaza runs a complimentary bus for customers which takes just two minutes to get to terminal 1 - you could even walk, although the route takes you across some busy roads so for convenience and safety we recommend the bus. The parking with this package is ‘secured parking’ meaning you’ll need to park on-site when you arrive and hand your keys in at reception - they may move your car away during your trip, but it’ll be moved back for your return.
  • Radisson Blu - The Radisson Blu is connected to terminal 1 by a covered walkway and it’ll take you less than 10 minutes to get to check-in. You can book parking with this hotel as a ‘Meet and Greet’ service, so you’ll need to drop your car off at the terminal first before walking to check-in. A professional driver will park your car for you, and when you return from your holiday the car will be brought back to where you left it.

Hotels at terminal 2

There’s just one hotel that’s close to terminal 2 - the Radisson Blu - which is actually connected to the terminal via an undercover pathway. We offer a ‘Meet and Greet’ service with this hotel - the package you need will depend on which terminal you’re flying from, so please make sure that what you’re booking is suitable before you make your reservation.
  • Radisson Blu - The elevated covered walkway connecting the Radisson Blu to terminal 2 will get you to check-in in just 5 minutes. We offer a Meet and Greet option with this package to make it even more luxurious - you’ll drive straight to terminal 2 on the evening of your flight and leave your car and keys at the Meet and Greet reception with one of the professional chauffeurs who will park it for you. Then you’re free to stroll to the Radisson Blu via the walkway. On your return, simply go back to where you left the car and you’ll be ready for the journey home - you won’t even need to worry about going back to the hotel, so this package is particularly useful for customers who are flying out of a different terminal to the one they’re landing into.

Hotels at terminal 3

Because terminals 1 and 3 are so close together, two of the hotels closest to T1 - the Clayton and the Crowne Plaza - are also two of the closest to T3, and there’s also the Hilton just 5 minutes away by bus. If you stay at any one of these hotels you’ll be able to include ‘secured parking’ with your stay, meaning you’ll park your car at the hotel and leave your keys with reception in case they need to move it while you’re on holiday.
  • Hilton - The Hilton runs a complimentary 5-minute shuttle for all guests - you’ll need to book this with reception, so do make sure you give them at least 15 minutes notice. You can park your car on-site at the Hilton, though you’ll need to leave your keys with reception so they can move your vehicle if needs be - this will be brought back to the hotel for your return.
  • Crowne Plaza - The Crowne Plaza is just over the road from terminal 3 so it’ll only take you 5 minutes to walk to check-in, or else the hotel runs a complimentary bus on demand which will get you to the airport in 2 minutes. We offer ‘secured parking’ with this hotel meaning you can drive to the hotel to park your car, and then you’ll just need to leave your keys with reception so they can move your car to a safe location should the need arise - on your return it will be brought back to where you left it ready for you to start your journey home.
  • Clayton - Just 5 minutes by foot - or 2 minutes via the complimentary 24-hour shuttle - the Clayton is a great choice for close proximity to T3. The hotel can be booked with ‘secured parking’ - so just drive straight to the Clayton, park in the grounds and leave your keys with reception as they may need to move your car during your trip. On your return it’ll be brought back to the hotel so just head back to reception to collect your keys.