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Heathrow Hotels with Parking

Enjoy a smooth and comfortable start to your holiday with a Heathrow airport hotel and parking package from Airparks. Included in an airport hotel and parking package is a night's stay at a quality hotel close to the airport, together with either on-site or nearby secured compound parking for the duration of your holiday.

Booking online is quick and easy. Simply enter the details of your trip into the booking form to browse through the range of hotel and parking packages. Once you have found something that fits the bill, just head on to the check-out to make your booking.

Terminal 2 & 3

Premier Inn - If you're flying out from terminal 2 or 3, booking the Premier Inn Meet and Greet Service is you're best bet. Just drive up to the terminal entrance and a Meet and Greet Drivefly attendant will take your car to a secure holding site.

Terminal 4 & 5

Hilton - Perfect for travellers flying out from terminal 4, the Heathrow Hilton is connected to the terminal building by a covered walkway.

Sofitel - For travellers flying out from terminal 5, the Heathrow Sofitel is one of the best options, the hotel being connected to the terminal building via a covered walkway.

Heathrow airport hotels with parking and Shuttle service

For those Heathrow airport hotels located beyond walking distance, an airport transfer service is available, so all you need to do is drop off your vehicle and hop on to the bus bound for the airport terminal.

Here are some popular hotels with parking Heathrow airport which operate transfer services to the airport:

Crowne Plaza Hotel - Transfers for this 4-star hotel are available through the Heathrow Hoppa bus service. For transfers to terminal 4, take the Heathrow hoppa bus to terminals 1 or 3 and take the Heathrow Express train which runs between 05:00 and 23:45 every 15 minutes, taking 7 minutes.

Leonardo Hotel - This luxury hotel includes it's own private taxi service, as well as the good old Heathrow Hoppa bus. If you are travelling to terminal 4, you may want to take the taxi service, to avoid having to catch the Express train.

Windsor Marriott Hotel - Guests at the Windsor Marriott can make use of the trusty Heathrow Hoppa bus service to transfer to the airport terminal.

What can I expect?

Top Value

Most hotel and parking packages at Heathrow include services such as 24 hour reception, wake-up call and early morning breakfast, all essential for customers flying from Heathrow in the early hours. Plus you will be transferred to or from the airport in plenty of time for your flight by a reliable transfer service. A wide selection of Heathrow hotels with parking are available to suit all budgets and can sometimes represent better value than booking Heathrow parking on its own.

Secure Parking

Security is paramount when booking a Heathrow hotel and parking package and our suppliers understand this. Car parks are generally located next to the hotel or alternatively in a nearby secured compound. As with all airport car parks your vehicle is protected by security features including security barriers and fences, 24-hour CCTV and regular patrols.


As well as value and peace of mind, one of the most important benefits of a Heathrow hotel and parking package is the comfort and convenience it provides. Particularly for customers leaving early or arriving late or families with young children, hotels near Heathrow with parking allow you to get a good night’s sleep before or after your journey and leave the hassle of parking your car behind when you set off for your flight.

A wide selection for hotels with parking at Heathrow

Airparks and Holiday Extras are able to provide an extensive range of hotel and parking packages at Heathrow Airport with offers to suit all budgets and requirements. Major hotel chains such as the Holiday Inn and Hilton hotels are available as well as smaller locally-owned hotels and guesthouses. A small selection of our Heathrow airport hotels with parking can be seen here:

The above selection along with others are all available to book online with Airparks when you are looking for the best deals on Heathrow hotel and parking packages.

The hassle-free solution to flying from Heathrow Airport

Value and comfort are ensured when you opt for a Heathrow hotel and parking package meaning you can start your holiday early even when you are flying at an awkward time. In order to benefit from the best deals for Heathrow hotels with parking make sure you pre-book online with Airparks.