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Southampton Airport Hotels with Parking

For a convenient and stress-free way of dealing with parking at the airport, why not consider booking an airport hotel with parking. Great for people departing from the UK early in the morning or arriving back into the UK late at night, airport hotels with parking can actually work out cheaper than paying for airport parking on its own. Just park your car in the hotel's secure parking facility, where it will remain for the duration of your trip away, ready to be picked up upon your return.

Nobody wants to face a long drive home after a draining flight into the UK; instead you could go straight to a nearby hotel and get into a warm, comfortable bed for a good night's sleep, waking up refreshed and ready to complete your journey the next morning. Similarly, staying at an airport hotel near to the terminal the night before your flight out of the UK will save you having to wake up early on the day of your flight and endure a long, groggy drive to the airport. Just wake up, have some breakfast, and take the short journey to the check in desk at your leisure; a far less stressful way of starting your holiday.

Airparks can offer a superb airport hotel with parking at Southampton Airport, in conjunction with our partner company, Holiday Extras:

  • Southampton Holiday Inn Hotel

Southampton Holiday Inn Hotel

The Southampton Holiday Inn Hotel is a great value 3-star hotel, located just 2 miles from Southampton Airport and 7 miles from Southampton city centre. Parking is available at this hotel for up to 15 days, and transfers operate to and from Southampton Airport by courtesy taxi, taking just 5 minutes to complete the trip. If you require picking up from the airport, you can ring the hotel and a taxi will be sent to collect you. Facilities at the hotel include the Spirit Health Club, which has a sauna and swimming pool.