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Luton Airport Hotels

If you're looking for Luton airport hotels, we have a range of two to four star options all within easy reach of Luton airport, many hotel packages coming with extended stay parking facilities. Book today using our easy online process and save yourself bags of time, money and stress.

Hotels near Luton airport

Ibis - This 2-star hotel located very near to Luton airport and ideal for travellers on a budget but still looking for quality. Rooms come with all the essential amenities including an ensuite bathroom, TV, radio and there is a restaurant and bar on site.

Holiday Inn Express - This comfortable 3 star hotel is conveniently located on the same grounds as Luton airport. With great value rooms and quality service, the Luton Express by Holiday Inn makes an excellent pre-flight stop-over.

Holiday Inn - A comfortable 3-star hotel, five miles from Luton airport, with great dining and leisure facilities.

Luton Airport hotels with shuttle service

If you would prefer to stay outside the grounds of Luton airport, then we have a range of hotels located within easy reach of Luton airport. Below are some of our more popular options, which include a transfer service to the airport, either by shuttle bus or taxi.

Holiday Inn M1 J9 - Located just 6 miles from Luton airport, the Holiday Inn M1 J9 is perfect for travellers of all sorts - whether you are travelling alone or as a family. A transfer service to the airport runs for 24 hours and is included in the price.

Aubery Park Hotel - Situated just outside of Redbourne, close to Luton airport, the Aubrey Park Hotel provides a peaceful stay amid picturesque surroundings for the weary traveller. Just 15 minutes from the airport, and with a transfer service running 24 hours, this hotel is an excellent choice for travellers flying out from Luton airport.

Make Savings on Hotels

When you pre-book online with Airparks, you can claim significant savings and have more money to put towards your holiday. Our booking process is quick and easy. Simply enter the details of your stay into our booking form and then take a browse through the listed hotel options for Luton airport. With so many options, you'll be sure to find something that suits your budget and preferences.

Airport Hotels with parking

Take out two birds with one stone, by booking your Luton airport hotel at the same time as your airport parking with Airparks. With a wide range of hotels and parking packages to choose from, there's something for every kind of budget and preference. Check out the airport hotels with parking page, for more details.

Hotel deals at Luton Airport


If you've got your transport to Luton Airport sorted, you can book at room-only deal from Airparks at a surprisingly cheap price. The Holiday Inn hotels, Ibis and easyHotel will all compete for your cash but take a look at their location and transfer options to help decide on the right hotel for you.

Airparks recommends: The Holiday Inn Express, because breakfast is included and it's right at the terminal. You can walk there in about 5 minutes or there's a public bus, between 6am and 7pm, which stops at the hotel every 20 minutes (every 40 minutes on Sundays) and cost £1.30 per person.

Room with parking:

Some of our best prices for Luton airport hotels are only available as a package with parking included. Keep 'Airport hotels with parking' selected in the search fields at the top of this page and we will find all the best deals for the dates you require.

Airparks recommends: The Holiday Inn Holiday Inn M1 J9 with parking at Airparks. We feel bad for recommending Holiday Inn twice but these are different hotels at least. We like this package because, although it's a few minutes away from Luton Airport, the car park is actually en-route, so you don't have to back-track at any point. Using Airparks for your car parking is the most convenient option with regular transfers, no additional charges and no phoning for taxis at the end of your journey.

There are a range of Luton Airport Hotels to accommodate every need and budget. Book your choice of Luton Airport hotels with Airparks for an excellent price close to this airport, which is now one of the busiest in the UK.

Luton Airport hotels