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Dover Port Hotels

dover port hotels

The Port of Dover is stepping up its capacity. Last year the port carried over 14 million passengers, 2.5 million tourist cars and 128,000 coaches on its ferry routes to Calais, Dunkerque and Boulogne. This year there will be up to 70 departures a day to the Northern French ports.

Dover offers the shortest and fastest ferry routes to France and the crossing is viewed by many as part of the holiday. Extend your holiday further by booking a Dover Port hotel with Airparks. Book in advance and you will get the better discounts.

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Dover Port Hotels

Dover Ramada Hotel
The Ramada Hotel Dover is a 4 star hotel located close to Dover's eastern docks. If you are catching an early ferry from Dover, or if you arrive back late, book a refreshing nights stay at the Dover Ramada Hotel.