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Doncaster Airport Hotels

doncaster airport hotels

Fly from the UK's newest International Airport and stay at the contemporary Ramada Encore with Airparks.

Robin Hood Airport opened in 2005 and handles around 1 million passengers a year. Based on the site of the RAF's Finningley airport, the Robin Hood Airport now offers 27 destinations including Egypt, Rhodes and Gran Canaria.

The Robin Hood Airport has a shuttle service from the nearby train station which goes directly to the terminal building.

So why choose a Doncaster airport hotel...

  • Relax the night before an early flight at one of our Doncaster airport hotels
  • Start you holiday early at a Doncaster airport hotel
  • Beat the Doncaster airport rush hour and motorway traffic jams
  • Refreshed and ready for your flight
  • Breakfast before your flight
  • Check-in for your flight at your leisure

Enjoy the luxurious facilities of the Ramada Encore before your departure at Robin Hood Airport. This hotel is situated on-site at Doncaster airport and offers an on-site parking deal. Transfers are not needed at this hotel as the terminal building is within walking distance.

Doncaster Airport Hotels