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Coventry Airport Hotels

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If you have an early flight from Coventry airport, pre-book a comfortable Coventry airport hotel at a discounted rate. You can book your airport hotel with Airparks online and receive your booking confirmation and details within minutes.

There are two 3-star hotels to choose from at Coventry Airport, both available to book in advance. Book early to get the best price and guarantee your room.

So why choose a Coventry airport hotel...

  • Relax the night before an early flight at one of our Coventry airport hotels
  • Start you holiday early at a Coventry airport hotel
  • Beat the Coventry airport rush hour and motorway traffic jams
  • Refreshed and ready for your flight
  • Breakfast before your flight
  • Check-in for your flight at your leisure

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Coventry Airport Hotels

Coventry Allesley Hotel | Airparks
The Allesley Hotel is a 3 star hotel just six miles away from Coventry Airport. The Allesley hotel offers comfortable 3-star accommodation when flying from Coventry airport.

Coventry Chace Hotel
Coventry Chace hotel is a 3 star hotel located just 1 mile from Coventry Airport. The hotel offers comfortable, well equipped accommodation, as well as impressive Victorian architecture and landscapes.