New Year’s Driving Resolutions


It’s that time of year again! We say it every year, this is the year that we’ll keep our resolutions, but we never do! Let us help you with that. We have put together 10 quick and easy motoring resolutions you can actually stick to over the next 12 months…

Give your car a health check

If you’re suffering with a hefty hangover after your New Year’s Eve celebrations, one way to shake it off is to keep your fluids up!

Same goes for your car – make sure you check your car’s fluid levels: think engine oil, water, brake fluid, radiator coolant and remember to top up your screen wash too.

It’s important you don’t forget your lights, wiper blades, car battery and tyres if you want to conduct a full winter health check. After all, your car was good to you last year!

Tip: You could always get your local garage to take a look for you.

Give it a wash

Make 2016 the year to shine!

No more feelings of guilt every time you catch sight of your dirty motor! It’s a fresh start with a fresh ride! Promise yourself you’ll reach for the soapsuds every few weeks to ensure your car doesn’t get neglected.

Go on a road trip

The world’s your oyster! What better way to explore than by car? This year, plan a road trip! Whether you’re hitting the gas in Europe or considering an awesome motorcycling road trip, be sure to make it one to remember…


  • Research quirky driving laws abroad so you’re clued up before you’ve even turned the ignition on. Road signs, speed limits and correct sides of the road can all get a little confusing!
  • Think about car hire – make sure you match a motor that does the job, fits your finances and suits your style too!
  • Remember the simple stuff. Think about the tips and tricks that can make your life that little bit easier when hitting the open road – especially with the kiddies!

Be a more fuel-efficient driver

Leave your bad habits in 2015! If your style of driving is more need-for-speed than letting-others-lead, it may be time to slow down. Unsurprisingly, aggressive driving can increase your fuel consumption by as much as 35% and of course, that can all mount up.

Dos and Don’ts:

Do drive smoothly, accelerating and decelerating gently, looking to the road ahead to avoid the need to brake suddenly.

Don’t coast down hills in neutral – you won’t be in full control, risking “brake fade”.

Do stick to speed limits! Driving at 70mph uses up to 9% more fuel than at 60mph, and up to 15% more than at 50mph!

Don’t labour the engine. Instead change gear earlier – most modern vehicles are fitted with an intelligent gear shift indicator to let you know when to make the shift.

Trade it in

Make the leap! If you’ve been promising yourself a new ride, make 2016 the year to do it. Think about what your car says about you – it’s a statement that reflects your personality. More importantly, think about what you want from your motor…

If you’re planning on clocking up the miles, a more fuel-efficient car is a must. Perhaps you’re looking for style and sophistication, or simply a ride perfect for getting from A to B. If you’re really looking to create a buzz, why not opt for an electric car? Whatever your style, we wish you a happy new car – may it be a healthy and reliable one!

Learn to change a tyre

When put to the test, how many people could successfully change a tyre on the side of the road? It’s one of those situations that most dread, some boast and others just wouldn’t have a clue.

One thing’s certain, everyone can learn. Be sure to make the pledge in 2016!

Don’t drive on red

No matter how resourceful you’re trying to be this year, letting your fuel get too low is a no-no. Ultimately, It’ll do more harm than good. There’s a whole load of gunk and sediment at the bottom of your fuel tank that could cause a blockage, so fuel up before it’s too late.

Driving on empty is an even worse idea in bad weather. The last thing you want to do is run out of fuel when road conditions or accidents exceed your expected travel time.

Check your tyre pressure

If you’ve entered the new year feeling a little deflated, here’s just the thing…

Give your wheels the once over! Having the correct tyre pressure is important to your road safety. If they’re under-inflated, this can result in unpredictable or erratic behaviour from your vehicle, which can be dangerous when driving at high speed. Tyres set to the wrong pressure wear out way more quickly, which can also affect your fuel consumption!

Tip: To benefit from longer tyre life, make sure you check your pressure at least once a month or before a long journey!   

Decode your dashboard

We know it’s a chore but reading your car manual can equip you with new found power and knowledge! You’ll get to know your car and even become a better driver! Ultimately, it’s a device you use every day and you never know when you’ll be faced with an emergency, need-to-know situation!

Go on more Sunday afternoon drives

Whatever happened to driving for driving’s sake? Fall in love with driving all over again and give a whole new meaning to Sunday afternoon drives. No longer will they be associated with car sickness, backseat squabbling or echos of are we there yet?” – may they be new, cool, fun and spontaneous!

Make sure you vow to see more of the world by car this year and to take on a “you only live once” attitude to afternoon drives much more often.

Finally, the most important thing when considering your new year’s resolution is to remember to stick to it; even if you just consider one of these resolutions, your car will be a lot, lot happier for it. Happy new year from Airparks!

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