Glastonbury – I can’t wait to see you!

It’s 20 days until Glastonbury and yes, I’m counting down the days (with the help of a Mac widget). I’ve got my tent, my sleeping bag, a camping stove. And yes – I’ve definitely got my wellies! All I need now is a hiking bag and a crate of beer or three. It may not be the ideal getaway for some (especially with Glastonbury’s reputation for a rather wet climate). But it really is an experience you wouldn’t get on an overseas trip – and that includes doing your business in a portable loo!

So, what am I looking forward to the most? Well, it would probably be easier to put a small list together of what I’m not looking forward to. And that list includes not having a proper wash for five days, sleeping in a tent for five nights, my hair being a complete mess (yes, my hair is important). But, you know what, those are pretty much the only things I’m really not keen on when going to a festival. The good definitely outweighs the bad.

To me, the best thing about Glastonbury is the atmosphere. It’s like a completely different world – a community plonked in the middle of a field. Making new friends with like-minded people, spending time with the people you care about and embracing that feeling of total freedom. From the Green Fields, Stone Circle and the Left Fields – there’s so much more to Glastonbury than the music. It’s a festival to celebrate what the world could be like – a complete alternative lifestyle. But, of course, the music is a fantastic addition to that magnificent atmosphere. I can’t imagine my life without it.

The line-up this year is huge and not surprisingly, I’m spoilt for choice! From Vampire Weekend, Muse, Editors, The Courteeners – the list is pretty much endless. And of course, I’ll definitely be sneaking down to shake a mean hoof at the dance tents. With the addition of new tents and areas each year, the place just seems to grow and grow. But as I said, it really isn’t just all about the music – and once you’ve been, you’ll understand why I say that.

You could say that Glastonbury is similar to jetting off to the other side of the world. It’s like going travelling and experiencing another culture, where no one frets and capitalism seems a distant way of life. I’ve not met anyone who’s been to Glastonbury and hasn’t wanted to go back again and again. I guess the only thing that lets it down is the weather – but I suppose Glastonbury wouldn’t be Glastonbury without mud-baths and wellies. So, Glasto 2010 here I come. And I really cannot wait!

Published by Ross Barnard on June 2, 2010

used under creative commons licence from al_green

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  • I could handle the portable loos if it wasn’t for the other people who use them.
    Nevertheless I am still very envious of you – though you have hardly mentioned any of the acts I would want to see – Marina and the Diamonds, the Stranglers and the Pet Shop Boys!
    Golden brown, texture like sun.

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