Woah, we’re going to Ibiza!

Ibiza, it’s long been known as ‘the party island’ and has a great reputation as a fun place for the young, or the epicentre of the world for serious clubbers!
There are the lively parts of Ibiza, famously San Antonio, Playa d’en Bossa, or Ibiza town which are the hubs of world-famous clubs and bars.
You can easily get caught up in the world of a clubbing holiday, but on my first time to Ibiza we hired a car and travelled the island in a day. It’s a very attractive island and there are lots of quiet and scenic places like Portinatx and Santa Eulalia to visit – showing there is more to the island than just clubs.

Ultimately though, anyone young knows exactly why they want to go there. Yes, it’s a fun and exciting place – but it can also be a very expensive place too (especially if you and your friends miss your flight home, like me!)
It will generally cost you around 40 euros (roughly £35-£40) to get into one of the big clubs at the beginning of the opening parties season. Of course, it does get more expensive when it hits peak season.
You think that’s expensive though, but then you get an ever bigger shock in the clubs – you walk up to the bar, order a vodka lemonade (to your own preference) and the bar tender says, ‘that’s 17 euros.’ What?!
Expensive holiday? Yes, it is, especially if you like a drink! You may decide to not drink when you get there and just have water, but then you get a nasty surprise when the average 500ml bottle of water costs you about 9 euros In a club!

So firstly, you’re going to Ibiza for a reason, but money’s an issue and there are clubs you want to go to and places you want to see. You couldn’t go for a clubbing holiday and not go to one of the big ones – Privilege, Pacha, Eden, Amnesia, Space, Es Paradis – but you want to make sure you get the best pick for what you’re looking for.
Of course, there may be someone you really want to see like Tiesto (amazing), or Calvin Harris – when you should be on your flight… but besides that, if you’re on a budget you’ll want to go to the best two or three.

Personally, my favourite club is Amnesia, then a close second Privilege. I went to Cream @ Amnesia on the Thursday night which was fantastic, the atmosphere was great and the interior of the club is wicked! (especially when its liquid nitrogen cannon occasionally shoots out supercooled gas into the crowd!)
When I went to Privilege, I went on a Monday night and saw Tiesto – the atmosphere here is also amazing and it’s big enough to be able to have your own space (unless you want to be right at the front of course!)
If you like your trance music then these clubs are definitely for you. If you like your house music then you should definitely check out Judgement Sundays @ Eden, Pure Pacha, or head to Space.

Ibiza Rocks in San Antonio is a great place to go if you like a good gig, and they manage to pull-in a lot of top acts every week. It’s also a really nice small-ish and intimate venue. Imagine seeing your favourite artist near the golden sands of the beach – lovely!

Another great place to visit Is Bora-Bora beach in Playa d’en Bossa. It’s a great place if you love a beer and a boogie In the daytime. The music is pumping, the atmosphere is very chilled – and they do a good pizza! If you fancy popping along to a club, Space Is conveniently open 18 hours a day!

You may, like me, want to do some old-fashioned sight-seeing in the daytime, and I would definitely recommend going to old Ibiza town. There is an interesting Fort to visit amongst the small, pretty streets. You can go and chill at one of the many bars or restaurants on the picturesque harbour, or do a spot of shopping.

Finally, before we mention money – I want to recommend one special thing that is a must see in Ibiza! Ever thought a bird could cycle, push a pram, play basketball, or skateboard? In Ibiza they can, and very talented too I must say. You better just hope your hotel pays to have this amazing performance by your pool side! (Mine was at 3pm on a thursday – yes I stole the poster from my accommodation.)

So, money! If you’re not already skint by the thought of going to Ibiza, a few good tips about making the most of your time there, your money, and not missing out are here.

Option one, like me and my friends, we decided to go to the local supermarket everyday, stock up on energy drink, vodka and cheap beer. We would generally stay at the hotel until about 11pm, have a few drinks (few being an understatement), and then venture down to our ‘local,’ BN3.
From here we were able to get a free bus to all of the main club nights and also buy our tickets there too. Excellent stuff – no expensive taxi rides to the club!

Option two, you can, if you’re staying in San Antonio or Playa den Bossa, venture down to the many bars located in the centre of each town. Here you’ll get hassled into going in every bar down the street which is annoying, but you can play them off against each other! (I want this, this, this, and two of these for 10 euros please! Sorted!)

Option three, don’t go out and don’t drink. (Nah, that’s boring!) But seriously, you can opt for an all-Inclusive package for your holiday when you book and this means all your drinks and food at the hotel are included. Then, all you would need spending money for is everything outside the hotel (including missed flights).

Good guide? The best thing to do is see the things and people you really want to see, go to the clubs that appeal to you – then think carefully about how best to spend the rest of your money. And of course, don’t miss your flight like I did.

Published by Ross Barnard on January 14, 2010

Used under Creative Commons Licence from ST33VO

San Antonio, Ibiza

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  • Don’t wanna be a bus driver all my life …

  • Armin Van Buuren’s absolutely on top of the class, I was at the Dutch world cup game with him and some of his staff a few days ago. He’s an inspiring music producer, and DJ.

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