No eruptions at Airparks

Well, it’s a week today that the volcano crisis hit Europe; and hard. For some there is still no end in sight, with continued disruption and chaos to travellers and businesses. And for travel companies, the knock-on effect is huge. Not to mention some holidaymakers who can’t get back until May at the earliest.

As you can imagine it has been a very busy time at Airparks HQ, but at our car parks it has been eerily quiet. Although there’s been an excess of at least 400 cars at each site, there definitely hasn’t been an excess of people!

So, in short, what has Airparks been doing to make things as hassle-free for our customers? Well, apart from being unable to bring back our stranded customers (we would if we could), we’ve tried to do everything possible from our end to make sure everything runs smoothly. From making sure our customers don’t suffer financially with unfair charges, to constantly giving up-to-date information on our website. Not to mention taking up to 8400 calls in just one day and answering near-on 1000+ customer emails per day. Yes, we’ve been pretty busy! But it’s never too much for us at Airparks.

Mr Hopkinson from Wolverhampton, who had to cancel his booking at Airparks Birmingham after a cancelled flight, said: “Thank you for your trouble. I couldn’t believe how quickly it was dealt with.”

Down at Airparks HQ, we’ve also been making sure that our special volcano webpage is giving customers the most useful information if they’ve been stranded or couldn’t make their trip. To cancelling bookings to cancellation policies, flight information, car park information, video updates from our CEO and expert advice from travel experts for stranded customers – It’s all been on there and by the looks of some comments we’ve received, much appreciated too. We’ve even been tweeting updates on Twitter!

But primarily, we’ve made sure that our customers don’t suffer unfairly during this uncontrollable situation and therefore we aren’t charging customers to amend their bookings or transfer them to another date. We’re also not charging customers for the extra days’ parking incurred because of being stranded abroad.

Penny Frankel from Ascot, one of our customers who booked parking through our preferred partner Holiday Extras, said: “Exhausted, but I just want to feed back that I was stunned to find you weren’t charging anyone stranded extra parking costs from Airparks.

“There is a god afterall and I think it’s named Holiday Extras.”

Now Europe’s airspace has re-opened, there’s been a steady influx of customers at some of our car parks, to a large stream of customers at others. And that’s why we’ve drafted in extra staff to make sure it all runs like clockwork.
Of course, if you’re still being affected and you still need to speak to us, drop us an email at or give us a call on 0800 747 777.

Published by Ross Barnard on April 22, 2010

used under creaive commons licence from Hello, I am Bruce

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