Cheap airport parking for my Paris trip made me go ooh la la

I’m off to Paris soon and I can’t wait. I’ve managed to book a deal for one week which would have cost me more if I’d booked for just a few days. And although I’m probably going to spend more money now, at least it’ll be on things that I actually want to buy. I’ve heard that there’s so many great places to visit, so I’m sure I won’t be stuck with things to do in my extra few days there.
I’ve been to Paris before on a school trip a fairly long time ago, but never got to venture into Paris centre. In fact, we stayed at a lousy hotel and ended up venturing to McDonalds as the food was pretty lousy at the hotel too. Very cultured!

Probably me being a little tacky, but I really do want to visit the Champs Elysées and the Eiffel Tower (rather than a French McDonalds where I struggled to order a Big Mac). I’m also very interested in visiting the Louvre museum and art gallery. And whatever people may say about the Mona Lisa and it being pretty uninteresting, I still want to be able to say, ‘I’ve seen it’. The one thing that does worry me though is money. I’ve heard all the stories about Paris being more expensive than London, especially the food and drink. And what with the euro nearly matching the pound at present, I well believe it. The thing is, I really don’t want to rein back on my spending – I’ve wanted to go to Paris for a while and I want to see places and do the things I want to do. So, what did I do to save money in other ways?

Well, I did manage to save myself a huge amount of cash on those additional extras that are needed for an overseas trip – airport parking and travel insurance. With a current promotion being run by Airparks on parking for eight or 15 days (to suit those on one or two weeks’ holidays), it meant that I could get parking from just £29.92 for my trip. A bargain if you ask me! Plus, if I’d gone for a long weekend like I’d originally planned to, it probably would have cost me about the same. So, not only did I get a bargain on my city break, but I also saved a considerable amount on my airport parking too.

So, what about that all important travel insurance? Well, from my own personal view you’d be a bit of a fool if you didn’t buy it, especially with the recent volcanic eruption catastrophe. I booked my comprehensive cover with Holiday Extras, the best travel insurance provider at the Globe Travel Awards 2010. It cost me under £9 for the week and that way I know I’m fully covered because it includes cancellation cover, medical cover and baggage cover. That means more money for me to spend on the things I actually want to spend it on – like clothes, food and sightseeing!

If you’ve got a trip coming up this summer, the holiday parking packages for eight and 15 days are a real good way to keep the cost down – especially if you’ve got lots of things you want to see and do at your chosen destination. Check out Airparks today.

Published by Ross Barnard on June 22, 2010

used under creative commons licence from Neil_Barman

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